Scattered, but Still Baking

Two braided loaves of Chollo–a type of spiced festive bread that my husband wanted to go with his shrimp tagine. Recipe from Flavors of Morocco by Ghillie Basan. Love this cookbook

Mixed: 2:30 pm

Molded: 2:45 pm

Late for an appointment: 3:45 pm

Baked: 5:30 pm

Gave: one loaf to Mr. and Mrs B, who came over for a cooking class (my husband is the chef in our house and is teaching Mrs. B how to cook), the other loaf went with me to my writer’s group

The first draft of this post was all about how I’m behind again, running, but not able to catch up. It’s December, and I’ve been away from the house, and that’s what I get for taking off to France during one of the most hectic times of the year.

So, I deleted all those silly words.

Now, I have some new, silly words. An even exchange.

Check out my review of Break the Holy Bread, Master on Ancient Faith Radio once it’s posted. It’s a theological history and survey of the bread in the eucharist. What with my fascination with bread, holy bread included, I thought it would be a great read. Too bad I’m not a theologian! Write me and let me know how well I fudged it…

Paid the bills. That always feels good.

Thought about offering my office space to a young homeless couple whom we met downtown, but didn’t. Still wondering if I should…

Waiting for a copy of The Woman and the Wheat! I haven’t seen a hardcopy yet, but I know Kelleylynn Barberg has. And Ginny Nieuwsma has, too. And even Metropolitan Jonah (so I’m told…) And Ned Gannon! But my copy was mailed to our Colorado address from ten years ago. So I’m waiting for mailing number two.

On Thursday, when I was baking the Chollo bread, pictured above, I wasn’t surprised when I was just getting ready to pop the two loaves into the oven and my daughter shouted, “Mom, can we go already?”

“Go where?”

We raced out the door and left the braided loaves to chance. They were supposed to sit for two hours, but didn’t get into the oven for almost three.  Life is good, bread is forgiving!

And you say I’m scattered? Scattered? Do I seem scattered to you?


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