The Triplets!

One loaf of sourdough, one loaf of brown beer and buttermilk bread

Mixed: 9:30 pm

Molded: 1 pm next day

Baked: 2: 35 pm

Gave the loaf of sourdough to The Triplets!

I have been trying to get a loaf of bread to the family with the triplets since mid-March when I met the father talking with Bob, his across-the-street neighbor. These families live just a block away from us; the triplets in a sweet little house that has an enormous palm tree out front.

But time and again this past month we have knocked on their door, warm bread in our hands, and they haven’t been home.

Today, I had two loaves of bread coming out of the oven at 3:30 pm. I had a decision to make. Do I take the easy route and give the bread to someone I knew I would bump into? We had a sweet girl over to play–the loaf of sourdough could have easily gone to her family’s table. Or… we were planning to attend a short talk given by a friend –there would be lots of folks there who might appreciate some fresh bread. Or we could wait until we returned, around dinner time, and see if the triplets happened to be home.

As John Ronan and I walked down the block this early evening, we talked about the many cedar trees in our neighborhood, counting them along the way. Then, we noticed the triplet’s van in the driveway (a good sign!), and when we got to the front door, only the screen was closed, the big, heavy wooden door was wide open (a great sign!). We had finally done it! Fresh bread in hand, we tried to knock…

“Hello!” We shouted through the screen door. “Hello…”

No one came, but we could hear shouts in the backyard. We tried to knock again.

“Hello!” John Ronan shouted. “Can we come in?”

Finally a little something zipped by; I saw a short shadow against the living room’s back wall. “Hello, are your parents home?”

A brown-headed boy came into view. And next the dad.

“Hey, its the bread lady!” The mom followed. I introduced myself, and before I knew it we were invited inside, marching single file up a set of steep stairs, and looking at the new room built for the triplets.

It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone new in just a small slice of time. John Ronan jumped straight into the fray, and asked to play with a colorful set of plastic gears. The triplets showed off their boundless energy, jumping from bed to floor to bed again. The mom told me about their remodel and we talked about homeschooling and kindergarten and working from home…

Getting them bread was worth the wait. I can point to yet another house in my neighborhood and see faces and know the names of the people who live inside. That house will no longer be distinguished by the word triplets… but by the names of each child, plus the mom and dad.

My little cozy community is expanding, thanks to these few loaves of bread.

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