Favorite Things

Two French jacos

Mixed: 10:35 am

Molded: 1:45 pm

Baked: 3 pm

Gave to Jeff, the tennis teacher

My daughter has recently discovered a love for tennis, so we decided to take a loaf of bread to Jeff, her teacher, just because…. Despite the photo, she didn’t deliver it to him on her racket. We wrapped it in some brown paper and tied it with string…

Which… Reminds me of that rainy night outside of Maria’s room in Austria, when suddenly she burst into Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, wrapped herself in the curtains, then ended up collecting all the frightened Van Trapp kids on her bed for a lively sing-along…

I’ve been struggling health-wise these last several months, and a call from the doctor today confirmed that I’m still not on the strong and vigorous track. It’s been months of struggle, but even so, baking has been a blessing in the midst of all of this. Pulling a few loaves out of the oven feels like an accomplishment, and then giving them away to others has been a mental and spiritual boost that has kept me feeling productive. I should be back to normal soon, but in the meantime I just might hum a few more bars of that Sound of Music song. Baking bread IS one of my favorite things, and giving it away has made it even better.

When the dog bites,

When the bee stings,

When I’m feeling sad;

I simply remember my favorite things,

And then I don’t feel…… so bad…

What are some your favorite things?

5 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. Hey Jane,
    Sorry to hear you aren’t up to full steam yet. But how ’bout listing a few of your actual favorite things—I know you have a penchant for Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day things (wonder why?) I would never have picked Basil hand soap for myself, but using it at your house sold me! Partly because it seemed so “Jane” with its slightly spicy scent. What are some of your other favorite things? I know green is the favorite color. How bout foods, wines, clothes, books, plants, whatever! On your island, what would you have as staples?

  2. Jane, It is lovely to hear your spirit shinning through even though your body is not well.
    Music is wonderful for lifting your spirits, especially praise music.
    Hope you play it often. If you want to borrow some CDs from me, let me know. I’ll drive over the Pass to bring you some.
    Our family will keep you in prayer.

  3. Favorite things… I’d love to hear some of yours!

    Mine: hot cups of green tea in the morning, the feeling of flipping through the air, the Santa Barbara harbor (I’d love to have a writing studio there!), hideouts and forts, fountain pens, baby shoes, pomegranates, sleeping babies, trees (especially fruit trees), scoring a goal in soccer, finishing a book, beach days, adventure, naps…

    Now, if I were on an island, wow, that’s a question. What would you have? I’d want fire, water, food and warmth. And my teddy bear. And some fruit trees. And I’d build forts and sleep in a different one every night. And I’d want lemons, for lemonade. And I’d make salt from the sea water, and grow cherry tomatoes, and have a 12 year supply of flour that never went bad…

    Marianne: I can’t believe you’d drive over the hill to bring me CD’s… So sweet. Maybe we should meet in the valley for lunch? I’d like that.

  4. My mother’s favorite movie of all time was “The Sound of Music” so one of my favorite things is…that movie! I have cherished memories of singing those songs together on road trips and at bedtime. 🙂

    Other favorites: Kayaking in the ocean, fishing almost anywhere, hiking, gardening, a good book, a crunchy chocolate cookie, farmer’s markets, belly laughs, my birthday spa day, family dinners when all are present…

    Thank you for the smiles, Jane!

  5. Jane,

    Troy’s favorite movie of all time is Sound of Music, so suffice it to say, I know that “My Favorite Things” song well…and I love it. It makes me smile just thinking about it. 🙂

    Knowing your struggle with energy lately, I’ve wondered how the bread baking has been for you and if it was becoming burdensome rather than joyful. It was wonderful reading your post proclaiming the blessing it has been, both in the baking and in the giving.

    Your lack of complaining and determination to remain thankful during this trial inspires me! 🙂

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