Surf and Sourdough

Two loaves of sourdough

Mixed: 10:30 pm

Molded: noon, next day

Baked: 2:15 pm

Gave one loaf to Mr. Daly, the art teacher and SURFING supervisor at Providence Hall

I love Santa Barbara. There aren’t many places on this planet where your son (that’s my son, above) can attend a college prep high school that also offers surfing as an elective.

Mr. Daly teaches fine art, but also takes the kids out to play beach volleyball and surf. It was great to hand him a loaf of sourdough yesterday; he, in his flip flops and surf trunks… Mr. Daly is just like Providence Hall, a crossroads between formal, even Classical education, and the modern and informal surf and skate culture that our kids live in today…

Anyway, summer is almost here. In TWO WEEKS I’m going to write, and bake, and take the kids to the beach. I’m going to pray, and grow tomatoes, and have barbecues in the backyard. I’m going to let the kids sleep in a little, then take them to the library, and to the bookstore, and finally, allow them to curl up and read for hours on end.

What about you? Do you have plans for the summer? Tomato plants already started? Hopes to travel somewhere near or far?

Or maybe…a series of surf lessons lined up for here in Santa Barbara?

If so, the barbecue is waiting and we’re inviting!


4 thoughts on “Surf and Sourdough

  1. If I were going to be anywhere near SB this summer, I just might take you up on that offer — me and my four kids :-). But alas, we’re not going to be heading that way until October — to San Diego that is. But I sure do remember SoCal summers and miss them quite a bit! We may not be able to go surfing up here in Western WA — brrr! — but there are the lakes and hopefully some sunshine. We are in our last week of homeschool and I am so looking forward to the long lazy days of summer — trips to the zoo, picnics at the lake, drives into the mountains for hikes, berry picking by the side of virtually any road up here, and hours and hours of sunlight! I hope your summer is truly blessed.

  2. We’re making a trip to NYC for a cousin’s wedding in July, but, besides that, we’ll be home, which is very appealing to us. I love staying home in the summer months.
    And, yes, our tomato plants are starting to bloom. We have two little tomatoes so far.

  3. Tomato plants are in the ground. A smaller garden attempt this year, I’m trying to be practical! Swimming lessons, a good-bye party for our dear family(Moving b/c of a job :() and a whole lot of backyard BBQ’s. The kitchen gets to hot in our un-air-conditioned bungalow so the bbq and backyard get lots of use! I need to buy a tree though so we can get some more shade… I just can’t decide what to get!

  4. Hi Jane – thanks for visiting my blog – and commenting! I keep telling myself if I can just get through June it will be a wonderful summer.

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