Giving through Love

Sourdough to the Jayaramans

Rosemary rolls to Sydney and friend

Giving bread is one thing. And making it is satisfying. But giving both love and bread? Now, that’s worth doing… I’m working on it.

I believe there’s much truth in this simple statement:

You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.
Robert Louis Stevenson

There are people all around me who give lovingly, unselfishly. The Shannons happily offer us their pool, so John Ronan can learn to swim. My parents drive two hours, just to wish one of us a happy birthday. Joanne leaves pomegranates on the front porch, because she knows I can never have too many!

Who can be unloved with friends like these? Do you have friends who show their love to you by giving? I bet you do.

And let’s turn that love around, TODAY even, or this weekend!!! and give some in return…


1 thought on “Giving through Love

  1. Thank you once again for the inspiration to give…and most of all, to love. That’s such a great quote–one of these days it will show up in one of my art pieces. And creating the art will give me the much-needed opportunity to meditate on the words.

    I wonder what it feels like to give love every day like you are doing. I need to think more about that and weave that consciousness into my every day life.


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