Farmer’s Market Fundraising

All week I’ve been baking and giving. Molasses bread, a new challa recipe with sesame and anise, sourdough… They’ve all turned out nicely, and I’ve given the extra loaves to good friends.

But one day of giving especially stands out for me–and I want to share it even though I TOOK NO PHOTOGRAPHS! It was so odd. I brought my camera, tucked it into the cutest little straw basket, but I was so caught up in the moment I forgot to be an observer, and instead was a happy, wandering, purchasing participant…

Our church decided to have a Farmer’s Market right after the service this last Sunday. People from the parish brought all sorts of garden goodies: lemons and limes, oranges, avocados, bags of lettuce, buckets of strawberries, guava, apples, tomatoes, zucchini, homemade granola and salsa… The list goes on, and all out of our own gardens and kitchens. So fun. Because our figs are not yet ripe, and our oranges aren’t terribly plentiful, and because my pomegranate tree is struggling (!!! such sadness) I decided to bake several loaves of bread and bring them to the table.

I started the bread the night before, (using the no-knead recipe, adding in some of my sour starter) mixing up two 1 lb loaves of sourdough, and one giant, 3 lb loaf. I rose early on Sunday and molded, then baked them off. Ooooohh, our car smelled so very yummy while driving to church.

All the money ($843!!!) from the sale went to the Pastor’s Fund, which our church uses to help send kids to camp, to use in emergencies, etc…Β The reaction from the church folk was crazy! Everyone was buying up the goods, talking about their gardens and trees. It was an ultimate Woman and the Wheat experience!

I hope I’ve inspired you to think about doing this in your own community. Folks are always looking for fundraisers that don’t hurt…

And today, after I ate some homemade granola, I pulled my camera out of my little straw basket

and shot a photo of some of the goodies we snatched up.

Next time I’m hoping I’ll remember to both shop, and shoot. We’ll see!

9 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Fundraising

  1. I am so glad the day was such a huge success!! I am so proud of Corie for taking it and running with it!! I can’t wait for us to do it again and this time I can be a participant and helper!

    Thanks for writing about this special day!! I hope someone took some pictures!

  2. Jane, I gobbled half of your loaf of bread last night smothered in homemade lemon curd, also purchased at the farmer’s market. It was delish!

  3. That is seriously so inspiring, Jane! We are actively seeking out fundraisers for our little parish right now. It sounds like you all had a delightful experience!

  4. You had some of your bread there?!!! I can’t believe I didn’t see it! It was either snatched up by the time I arrived at the tables…or I was in too much of a rush to see it (had to get to a meeting up in the atrium). 😦

    But it was really fun to pick up a few beautiful, fresh veggies and share fruit from our own back yard.

    It’s nice to think about all of the people that will be blessed by the bounty that was given and received!

    • Carla–I was only able to make three loaves because of the limited space in my oven–so two were bought right out of the bag as I was putting them on the table, and I think Stan bought the third loaf. What’s really fun is that some other folks have offered ovens to me if we do this again!

      What I’d really like is a backyard brick oven that I could fire up and bake a gazillion loaves in… Know any master masons who have free bricks and free time? πŸ™‚

  5. What a beautiful little basket and the photos of the food on your little wooden table. After reading your wonderful write up on the Church’s Farmers Market it was just delightful to see you put up your photos πŸ™‚ I can almost smell the fresh loaves of bread you made from your heavenly description of them .. yummm!!

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