Apples–Indian Summer Style

Two loaves of molasses bread

Brought some on our apple picking adventure to share…

It was hot at Apple Lane Farm in Solvang. Really hot. Look at those sweet red cheeks…

We were picking golden delicious–just love how there’s moss growing on these beautiful trees.

I’ve always wanted to care for an orchard of fruit trees. Anyone have an orchard that needs caring for?

And every tree needs its own St Brigid’s cross nesting in the branches. I made this one from hay while waiting for the picking to get started…

After apple picking, we scuttled over to the gazebo in Solvang and had a picnic. The molasses bread made the rounds.

Did I mention it was HOT? All summer folks complained about the constant fog and cool weather. Well, we’re getting a whole dose of summer packed into just a couple of days. Indian Summer is here and I’ll be sleeping with an ice pack under my knees tonight!

More hot to come–tomorrow I’m going to try baking bread in my car. It’s LIKE an oven in there!!!


1 thought on “Apples–Indian Summer Style

  1. Hi Jane, Don’t you just LOVE picking things from their growing places? I think that’s what I love most about having a garden. When Austin was about John Ronan’s age, we traveled very frequently up to visit my parents in the Northwest, where Mom, Austin and I would find u-pick places–from blueberries, to apples, strawberries and (my favorite) peaches. Looking up into the trees or tromping through billowy isles of vines is a joy to me that is fairly unsurpassable.

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