Bread on the rise

And no oven to bake in!

It seems the bottom heating element is broken. Guess what? This will be the third bottom element for our seven year-old oven. Hmmmm. Mr. Thermador? Are you out there?

The crisis. My husband is making soup two days in a row. Butternut tonight and a lamb stew tomorrow. Where is soup without bread? (È possibile mangiare la zuppa senza pane? Ma!!! C’est où la soupe sans une belle baguette? Dis moi! Izuko suimono nashi omochi–where soup without rice cakes?!–)


So, I’ve mixed up a batch of dough and all I need is an oven. Halfsies anyone?


3 thoughts on “Halfsies?

  1. Use mine! Use mine! 🙂

    I won’t even make you share your bread with me. It will simply be a pleasure to smell it baking and think that I’m getting to participate in the Giving Project. :=)

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