You Can Do it, Sam

Baked a huge, buttery batch of cookies. Shared more than half with lots of 13 year-olds…

Teaching a child to share is a major theme in homes where toddlers scoot about. It’s still something we’re working on with our four year-old–hey, it’s something I’M still working on! Since starting this blog, I’ve tumbled across many picture books for little ones that focus on that all-important theme. Not too long ago, I wrote about The Quiltmaker’s Gift, an exceptional book of ultimate giving that should be in every picture book library. I’ve also posted about Easy as Pie; a tale that is not so much about sharing as it is about the fun of baking good and tasty treats.

Since I’m not only a mama who spends lots of time in book stores and libraries, but also an adorer and writer of children’s books, there will undoubtedly be more posts like this as time goes by. Hope you don’t mind!

You Can Do it, Sam is another sweet story that helps inspire little readers to share. Sam and his mama bear decide one snowy morning to bake twelve small cherry cakes. They measure and stir and bake them in the oven, then head out into the neighborhood to share. Sam’s a little bit nervous about being the one to do the giving.

Mrs. Bear pulled up close to the first sleepy house.

Here we are, Sam. I’ll wait here and YOU take the cake.”

“All by myself?” whispered Sam.

“Go, go, go!” Mrs. Bear put her arm around Sam. “You can do it, Sam.”

Cherry cakes! This book is really fun, and has given me ideas to think about for my own giving. First of all, Mama Bear packages the sweet cherry cakes in bright red bags with little tags that say, “A Tasty Surprise.” I’ve been wanting to come up with a unique way to wrap my bread for giving. I’d like it to be simple, and homemade looking, and not expensive. Right now I simply find some brown paper, or an old gift bag, and hand the bread over that way… I’d love your thoughts…

And…. I know just how Sam feels when he’s nervous about giving away his cakes. I feel each and every time an uncertainty about what I’ll say when the door opens, about whether the folks will actually eat the bread–or will think it’s horrible, poisoned, and just toss it into the trash. Sam has to be brave. You can do it, Sam!

You can do it, Jane!

3 thoughts on “You Can Do it, Sam

  1. Oh this is one of our favorite book! I want mama’s green truck
    Every time we read this the kiddos want to bake.
    The wrapping does make the perfect touch!
    Muslin comes very cheap at the fabric store and makes cute draw string bags with bright ribbon for a drawstring.
    The kids love making the tags, you can get a cheap bundle of blank tags at the crafts store for the kids to decorate or stamp. Even brown paper is cute plain or stamped with colored raffia and a tag.

    Happy baking!

    • I ALMOST wrote about the green truck. No, I did write about the green truck and then my internet went down and it was deleted… And then I never got back to it… That spring green–it reminds me of the fresh sea grass that washes up onto one of our favorite beaches…

      Thanks for the ideas for wrapping the bread. We only have one fabric store here in Santa Barbara, and they have lots of calico. I’ll have to check to see if muslin is available 🙂 Great idea. Thanks!

      Happy baking to you and yours as well 🙂

  2. It seems like muslin could be dyed red quite easily. I love the sound of this book for a few of the grands. Bekah is still growing hers!

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