BAD Oven

Waiting for a new relay board to be built.



2 thoughts on “BAD Oven

  1. Sorry…but what’s a relay board? I’m guessing it has something to do with your oven repair…but then maybe it is part of your computer.

    In any case, may God give you an unexpected blessing in the waiting.

    Love to you!

    • Carla–the relay board is what you find when you take your stovetop off and see all the wires and other weird buttons that control your oven under there. I just know the name, and know I peered over the Oven Guy’s shoulder when he was talking about it. And since we’re having one rebuilt, I’m supposing it’s what’s broken!

      And thanks for the encouragement. I’m still baking, even though the bread isn’t very fabulous. Love to you, too!

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