Straight Ahead

Two sourdough rounds

Mixed: 7:45 am (but first I activated the sourdough starter, as an experiment the evening before, by mixing in some fresh water and flour)

Molded: 4 pm same day

Baked: 6 pm same day

I’m still in experiment mode when it comes to making a genuine loaf of sourdough. With my oven pitching fits, I figure, why not fiddle around with the dough and just see what happens?

So, I mixed and kneaded, waited and waited, and molded and waited some more. Sourdough is the perfect fiddle dough. I like that the heat or cold or humidity of the day dictates when the bread will be finished. Sourdough is Adventure Bread.

Anyway, despite having to bake on convection, when I pulled the bread out of the oven it was beautiful.

Who to share with? At 6:45 pm, it’s quite late to run out into the street and find hungry folk. It’s already dark here at that time, and though I contemplated just sitting on the curb to wait for someone to walk by–someone who had an “I-could-use-a-nice-loaf-of-freshly-baked-bread” look, I decided to ask for advice instead.

I asked my husband. “Where to–left or right?” I was thinking that I’d just strike out into the neighborhood until I found someone.

But my husband is not a black and white thinker. “How about straight ahead?” He flashed me a smile.

“Okay,” I said, “Jack or Cindy?” (Since we don’t sit directly opposite one house, but sort of opposite two.)

“Let’s flip!”

So, I tracked down a penny  and tossed it into the air. Tails. Tails meant Jack.

Knocking on Jack’s door I was sure that he’d already had dinner. But, once again, the Law of Giving, which I’m slowly getting to know, proved that indeed Jack was hungry for a warm loaf of sourdough.

Onto the next batch!


4 thoughts on “Straight Ahead

  1. Lovely. Lovely bread and lovely thoughts on giving.

    I did bake today. Regular wheat and something from my favorite bread book called Autumn Pumpkin Bread. It is a yeast bread, not a dessert bread. This time I have to share my bread with family. One of each to my mother-in-law and then one each of the wheat to my daughters. If they want the pumpkin bread, they will have to split the second loaf. Anyway, I’ll make more on Saturday to give to someone at church.

  2. Note to self: Next time we purchase a home…a prerequisite is that it must be across the street from the Meyer family. 🙂

    • Note to Joanne: having you across the street as a neighbor would be a dream! I would bake for you every day if you wanted… And we would have two pomegranate trees, one on your side, one on mine, (and we would share–because one year yours would fruit, and the next year mine would!) and we would even host a lemonade stand for hot and tired walkers, even if the kids weren’t in the mood.

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