Two loaves of no-knead bread

Mixed: 9:30 pm

Molded: 12:50 pm next day

Baked: 2:50 pm

This little fella has become a partner in crime. When it’s time to head out the door with a loaf of bread–he’s right there in the lead, wanting to explore the neighborhood. I admit, giving is more fun when done together.

On this night, I’d forgotten that I had a loaf to give away! Shame on me. The bread was just sitting there on the counter, lonely, uneaten, cooled. And it was dark. Hard to find bread eaters when only a memory of the supper bell remains.

He was being bossy. I was being lazy. I wanted to just sit on our big rock out front and see if a lonely walker might want some bread for the morning. So, that’s where we started, on the rock. But it only took a moment of idleness for him to proclaim, “Come on, Mom!”

Off we went. First to the right where we knocked on a door, but only the dog was home.

Then back to the left. Then off to the right. Finally we ended up many many houses away, knocking on a new-to-us door. And wouldn’t you know…

a copy of my son peeped through the crack. Same age, same hair, same ideas. “Let’s play!”

Good grief. It was late. We handed over the bread, talked about future play times and the first thing my son said when we left his new friend’s house was, “Let’s go home and get some more to give away!”

Giving is contagious. Especially when brand new friends are gained from the simple giving of a loaf of bread…


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