Two loaves of no-knead bread

Mixed: 9 pm

Molded: 2:30 pm next day

Baked: 4:35 pm

Gave to two homeless men at MacKenzie Park

John Ronan is in the giving mood these days, and this time he wanted to go “far.” We headed left, and since I’ve been sporting a three-day headache, I tried to manipulate…

“We’ve walked all the way down our block. How about this house? Look! There’s a little boy just riding his bike up the driveway.”

He didn’t take the bait. “Mom…. That’s not far.”

We turned right. I trodded on, and he galloped ahead. State Street loomed. Rush hour traffic and no traffic light, just a crosswalk that is never ever noticed by motorists. I clutched his hand. He was determined.

We crossed the street–it took about five minutes for enough cars to notice us and all the four lanes to be halted. Finally on the other side we spotted two men sitting by a picnic table. Before I had time to ask if this was far enough, John Ronan had sprinted directly to them and stopped with a big hop right in their midst. They were drinking, and red-faced, and had gaps for teeth…

“Hi! I was a spotted doggy for Halloween!” my son announced. “We brought you some bread!”

I caught up and smiled.

“But isn’t that your dinner, little boy?” one of them slurred.

“We have food at home.” John Ronan spun in a circle. “Why are you sitting on the ground?”

They didn’t hear the question, but were pleased with the attention of a five year-old. I could tell. They wanted to chat. So the old and the new talked for a few moments. It was a conversation a wee bit difficult to follow.

And then John Ronan sprinted off.

“Run after him!” the man on the ground said to me urgently. “The street!”

“Enjoy the bread,” I said as I ran after my cheerful giver. We crossed the street, and we ran some more. Somewhere on the way home my headache lessened. Ah, to be a child who doesn’t judge. I’m thankful to have such a wise soul in my midst. Far is good–pushing the limits is something that comes easily with youth–something I used to do.

By going farther…

we learn,

we are pushed and we grow,

and we become better givers…


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