Winner–The Man and the Vine

(Mixing up some cheesy French bread to go with tonight’s chicken soup)

And the winner is:


Count me in too! I have lovely little friends of my good long time friends who I would love to read this too… :)

Congrads on your blog anniversary! :)

Here’s just the tiniest bit I know about Elizabeth. She lives in Canada, and she has a very lovely blog:

Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday, when I’ll open up comments for a giveaway of The Woman and the Wheat!

And… as a big bonus, I’ve asked some of my writer friends to join me in giving away some of their books as well–since you are such an amazing, faithful, beautiful group of readers.

More to come soon! On to finish my day’s baking. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Winner–The Man and the Vine

  1. Wow! What do you know, I won. How about that. 🙂 Wait until I tell my friend whose 3 year old I love reading books to!

    I am sending you an email about this and am thrilled that I won. With my sincere thanks – Elizabeth

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