Birthday Cake

(My husband) baked one very large cake

for one very small person…

He flew out of bed while it was still dark, to heat the (still-broken–only-baking-on-convection) oven and start the (Jungle) cake.

Later in the day, we had a party in the forest.

John Ronan, who turned FIVE, wanted a surprise party. So we did just that–surprised him, jumping out from behind the trees! He’s still talking about that…

We hiked to the oak grove,

ate some cake, tried to sing him Many Years, but because it wasn’t officially his birthday, he shut his ears…

He opened presents, then we shot a photo of the gang. What a gang–what a day!

If I could be five again, I might want a Surprise Adventure Birthday in the Forest, too.

What about you–if you were five again, how might you want to celebrate? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. What a fun party!
    If I were five again, I would want one of those parties where you get to paint pieces of clay at a special shop. I had always wanted a party like that, but we didn’t have the money. 🙂

    • Oh, I love those paint-your-clay pot places. I recently took my two youngest to a shop we have here in town. John Ronan painted a frog–using green, yellow, red, blue… etc. Then, once it was all painted, he asked for black, and covered all the colors in black! Too funny.

      My daughter made a cake stand, which we keep right in the middle of the kitchen.

      Another fun party idea–if I were five again, would be one in a tree house with just a few friends, and a helper/mother who would put goodies in a basket so we could haul them all up. Cupcakes, lemonade, and little sandwiches! I just love tree houses…

  2. The frog story is hysterical! I can see my oldest (who also just turned five) doing the same thing 🙂 And a tree house party would be a dream for a little girl; although, we don’t have many trees in our yard, so we’d have to borrow someone’s backyard for a party like that.

  3. If I were 5 again, I’d want to grow up in your house so you could give me a jungle party in the forest. Actually, I’ll be 37 in about a month- howsabout throwing me a surprise jungle party?!?!?!?!?!? Hee. . . Hee. . .Hee. . .

  4. Well, you guys are amazing…making the best of your oven…and that cake looks awesome…your husband is so cool! I bet lots of orders will come…

    Happy 5th birthday John Ronan!

  5. I would love a tree house party- still, I think. My daughter is a bit more traditional I guess (read: girly-girl). We just celebrated a combo princess-truck party for her, turning 5, and my 2 yr old boy… rather than the pink princess being circled by construction vehicles, we opted for two separate cakes. It was fun that way- a chocolate and a strawberry option. Though she still tells me that she really shouldn’t have had babies invited to her big five yr. old party, she was pretty thrilled all in all.

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