Book Giveaways–The Woman and the Wheat (+ four more)

I’m so excited to be giving away another book!Β The Woman and the Wheat is my latest picture book released, and has received some very nice reviews. Here’s the page on my website that will tell you a bit more about the story. (Did you know my dad and brothers are actually professional bakers?!) And…you can hear a review of the book on Ancient Faith Radio, a place I go often for spiritual refreshment and learning…

This book giveaway is open for comments right now! All you have to do is leave a comment below to enter. If you’re in the mood, I’d love to hear (if you have a wee one in your life right now) what picture books you’re reading to your little ones at the moment as we tumble deeper into fall and head towards Advent. In our home, we are reading a lot of human body books, and several thick books on machines, too. Oh, and The Curious Garden by Peter Brown is a present favorite. The Woman and the Wheat actually gets very high marks from my inventor-boy; he likes the page when the grain is being ground into flour the best… πŸ™‚

So off to the miller did the wheat go next where a large stone wheel turned round and around. The wheel moved the stones and the stones ground the wheat as streams and puffs flowed into bags, and the wheat turned into flour…

I’ll close the comments for the giveaway at midnight, Sunday November 14th, and announce the winner on Monday, November 15th.

The Monster Bonus (don’t stop reading now!)

I’ve rounded up some of my writer friends to join in the book giveaway this week! I’m so excited. As I stated in my last post, I’m hoping that this Christmas many story books will end up wrapped and given to little ones as gifts. This is not about making money as writers–or about getting famous. You know this, right? As writers, we make just pennies from our work–we all engage in this as a ministry, not to make oodles of dollars and retire in the Bahamas! So, if you’re looking for gift ideas, start with a book that will enrich, inspire and encourage.

  • Heather Zydek, a mom of the cutest little girls, and a very vibrant, energetic woman and great writer, is giving away a copy of Basil’s Search for Miracles. Yay, for Heather! You can see more about Basil and read reviews of the book on the Amazon page. And to enter her drawing, just leave a comment below, here on my blog… It’s a two-for-one deal. If you leave a comment below, two people will be drawn as winners. One for my giveaway, and one for Heather’s! Double the fun.
  • Katherine Hyde is giving away one copy of Lucia, Saint of Light. What perfect timing. The name’s day for Santa Lucia is coming up on December 13th. I’ve worked alongside Katherine for many years now, and she is one of the most organized, talented editors I know. She’s also a very creative writer–and I’m sure we’ll see many more books by her in the future. Here’s my review of her book on Ancient Faith Radio. Β Click here to visit her at her blog and enter your name in theΒ Lucia, Saint of Light giveaway!

Lastly, don’t forget that both The Man and the Vine, and The Woman and the Wheat will be on sale from SVSPress ($15 each instead of $18 each) for three days, from Tuesday, November 16 through Thursday, November 18th. Tell your friends.

Sending you warm wishes…



56 thoughts on “Book Giveaways–The Woman and the Wheat (+ four more)

  1. I’ve been wanting to get a copy of this book for my friends who are one of the farmers who started the first ever grain CSA. We get our horse farmed, organically raised, absolutely lovely wheat, korasan, oats, and rye from them every year. YUM YUM YUM They are slowly on their way to Orthodoxy and I think this would be a wonderful gift for them :o)

  2. We are also ready human body books- my son is doing a month long unit in his pre-k class at the Latin School. Both of the older kids are on a Dr. Suess kick, and we’ve been reading “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket” almost every night. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m off to go check out the other authors you’ve linked to.

  3. My son and daughter love The Man and the Vine and enjoy it almost daily. We would love to add The Woman and the Wheat to our collection!

    • Dear Dawn: Just wanted to say hi, and welcome to the blog! We’re having the drawing in just a few hours for the book giveaways. Check back tomorrow for the winners… May you and your family have a blessed Advent! jane

  4. As my husband and I are the Lending Library Librarians at our church, our very small Children’s Lending Library section would be delighted and blessed to be the recipient of such a wonderful book. Thank you for also listing the other give-aways…I will be heading there next. My husband and I purchased your St Brigid’s book for the Lending Library earlier this year to commemorate blessed St. Brigid as she is my patron saint…and it has become a well loved book. Thank you for re-introducing her to the Orthodox world and to the children…she has been too long forgotten.

  5. My 6 year old son had purchased this book at St. Vladimir’s seminary a few months ago, but it somehow got forgotten in the car.
    Anyway, by the grace of God, I found and read it last Thursday.
    The following Saturday we held a girls prosphora club at Church for the very first time. The parish girls made prosphora, sand songs and we read the book “The Woman and the Wheat”, which tied with the activities very nicely.
    I would love to get this book and donate it to the JOY Sunday School.

  6. St John the Forerunner’s Children’s Lending Library would be blessed twice over to receive: Heather Zydek’s “Basil’s Search for Miracles”. Thank you for offering this give-away! Wish us luck! πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway. We’re in the midst of a dinosaur/angelina ballerina reading spree. I would love to add The Woman and the Wheat to our collection!

  8. Ever since I rediscovered your blog last week I’ve been slowly reading back through all your posts. I’m hooked. What an inspiration! As a mom with a daughter with a gluten allergy I know what a sacrifice baking gluten free bread is. So I would also like to thank you for thinking of the gluten free family and taking the time, effort and expense of baking bread for them.

    Please enter me in your giveaway this week we would love a copy of The Woman and the Wheat!

  9. Thank you for listing all the giveaways. My son and I are reading lots of picture books featuring Cookie Monster and Sandra Boynton board books.

    I’ve just begun to build a library for the Orthodox faith and the first book I bought was A Child’s Guide to Understanding Icons.

  10. What a wonderful idea – this is the perfect time of year for a book giveaway! Our family entered the Church this past Bright Week, and we’re slowly accumulating an Orthodox Library for our boys…

  11. I’m really enjoying your blog now that I’ve found it. Thanks for the give aways… and the baking for two idea. I hope to join in the quest to find bread sharers…some day soon.
    In the meantime, the favorite book in our house is Little House on the Prairie (just finished Farmer Boy). Picture book-wise, I’m afraid we’re stuck on Apple Pip Princess from our latest library trip.

  12. I’m hoping to build a library of books to read when we have a few extra minutes in Sunday School. This would be a wonderful start!

  13. What an exciting cover! As a grandmom of 8 I would love to add this book to my mini library. Living in rural America reading is a favorite pasttime of mine.
    Please enter my name in the drawing.


  14. I have 4 children that love to get books under the Christmas tree. Thanks for coordinating this giveaway. All Orthodox children should have age-appropriate Orthodox books in their homes!

  15. We love free books! My girls are already avid readers , but unfortunately we have very few Orthodox picture books. I’d LOVE to get this more this year. “Olivia”, “Goodnight Moon”, and “Angelina Ballerina” are year-round favorites, though πŸ™‚

  16. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for the inspiration to generousity. It is wonderful to encourage children to read. We just got the Children’s Bible Reader from and it is a complete hit with my 2 year old!

  17. Two of our little mission’s children’s books went home with an out of town visitor and didn’t come back so we could really use some replacements.

  18. I love how the commentors come out of the woodwork when there’s a giveaway!!! Myself included. I have been reading your blog for a while so I don’t feel too guilty!!! Thanks for the tips on the other blogs!!!

  19. Hi Jane,
    I love the Woman and the Wheat. So do my girlies. We have been revisiting some Audrey and Don Wood favorites lately – Silly Sally, Quick as a Cricket, and the Napping House. We are excited for Advent to begin so we can start reading our Christmas books!

  20. I would buy copies of all these books, if my resources were endless. I want to see you writers of children’s books make a good living so you keep writing! As it is, I’m throwing my name in the ring, cause we haven’t been able to buy these yet. I love to take the Orthodox Children’s books to church to read to my kiddos there too.

  21. I’d love my name in the hat! This Christmas we are reading about St Brigid, Pablo’s Gift (about a Mexican boy who has to take on his father’s responsibilities), Angelina Ballerina’s Christmas book, The Miracle of St Nicholas, The Legend of the Candy Cane, The Little Drummer Boy, The Miraculous Child, North Star, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell. I would love your book for our basket!

  22. My 5 1/2 year old daughter’s current favorites are anything by Patricia Polacco, and “Listen to the Wind,” the story of Greg Mortensen building schools in Afghanistan. We are development workers living in Lupeni, Romania, worshipping and working with the Orthodox Church. We’d love to have your book in our “library”, the only library there is in many miles around. Blessings on your Advent!

  23. Hi there.
    I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog! Thanks. Presently, my seven year-old daughter and I have been learning about various other authors through picture books. We’ve read stories about Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, Dr. Seus and Laura Ingalls Wilder. She then wrote one of her favorite authors! It’s been a fun and enriching week.
    Take care.

  24. Oh I forgot to tell you what books we’re reading currently: Picture books on Rome, early church history, and Thanksgiving. The early church history isn’t picture books but Twice Freed by Patricia StJohn was great, and we’re in Polycarp by William Chad Newsom now.

  25. Hi Jane!
    Very cool give-away!
    Our boys are quite similar, it seems. I am reading from an old nursing school workbook, “Human Anatomy in Full Color” almost nightly! Timmy loves all things medical. In fact, he is sorry that Halloween is over and we no longer have skeleton books in the house! Other favorites are Dr. Suess and Disney stories. He is quite fond of Cinderella and Rapunzel these days! (Funny little kid…) He also likes cook books!

    • Melissa–we really need to get our two little boys together and play. I think they might be fast friends… Just think? They could talk about volcanoes and the esophagus all in one quick gulp!

  26. I didn’t realize you had a family bakery in France…and you continue the legacy…baking fresh bread. I know a little girl who would really love this book! It’s that time of year, when I want to bake bread…and let the butter melt right on a big chunk fresh from the oven! Mmmm.

  27. I have been hoping to one day add this book to our growing collection. We are new to the Orthodox faith, and my girls love reading!

  28. Thank you so much for the giveaways! How important it is to surround our children with Orthodox books! We already have the book, The Man and the Vine. We would love to have The Woman and the Wheat to add to our library… +God bless you!

  29. Hello Miss Jane! I will forward this e-mail to our church school teachers and friends. Miss you, Miss Jane. Give our love to your family!!

  30. Wow! This is fun to see what others are reading. I have four boys and they devour anything Redwall -like. Right now we are reading a trilogy sequel to King Arther. I would love to be entered into your give-away. Our spiritual director gifted my children your first book, and they enjoy it much. I have been wanting to get your new book, but since we are low -income, it is not a possibility. Unfortunately, our city library is seriously lacking orthodox saints. All in God’s timing. If we won this book, I would make sure when the kiddos outgrow it to gift it to the city library:)

  31. We’ve been reading a lot of Stink books by Megan McDonald. My 6-year old loves them! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to reading some Christmas books now that the Nativity fast is underway, one of my favorites is The Miracle of St. Nicholas. Wonderful contest Jane!

  32. We’re reading through the Brambly Hedge books right now. And my husband is reading them the Chronicles of Narnia–Dawn Treader currently. I had thought we should wait a couple years on those–my oldest is 7–but they’re loving them!

  33. We always read a Christmas book every day during the Nativity fast so we’re looking forward to that, but we’ll have to start late as we’re moving next weekend and the books are packed!

  34. 52 Responses- WOW… and we would LOVE to be the 53rd! πŸ˜‰ Way to rally other authors and make this happen! Blessings to you! Blessed nativity Fast… am sending you an email now!! much love, georgia – you’ve TOTALLY inspired me to give away a free CD of our daughters!!!

  35. we’d also love to be entered in Heather’s give away drawing! My children LOVED Basil’s Search for Miracles… and we’d love to give a copy away as a gift! πŸ˜‰

  36. Hi Jane, I know I’m too late for the drawing (shucks), but I wanted to say that I love the idea of linking to other beautiful children’s books that enrich the soul (mostly for us adults who have the joy of reading them to our dear little ones). Right now I don’t have a little one in my life–I’m waiting for God’s gift of a grandbaby or godbaby…

    I love your beautiful books. Keep up the good work!
    Hugs, Carla

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