Chicken Soup

Four loaves of French bread infused with some parmesan cheesy-ness

Mixed: 10:45 am

Molded: 12:30 pm

Baked: 1:40 pm

Gave two loaves to the Dunn Household

When I was in high school, my best friend and I, even though we never planned it, often ended up wearing almost identical outfits. We’d show up at a football game, or at youth group, and we’d spot each other from across the room and laugh. We influenced one another in so many ways, and we liked it that way…

I thought of this the other day when my daughter’s neighbor friend was home sick. The same cough had entered our home, and the same response came to both moms. Chicken soup!

So, on this day, with bread on the rise, I knew just who I’d share with. Identical outfits were needed–bread and soup, and books and extra tissues, and lots of love…


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