Morning Giving (leaves lots of room for afternoon adventures…)

Three loaves of French bread

Mixed: 7:45 am

Molded: 10:15 am

Baked: 11:30 am

Gave one to one teacher, and another to another…

Morning baking. Morning giving. Nothing like hot bread for lunch. I don’t think I’ve ever given bread away quite so early in the day! As we drove to hand out the loaves, my little five year-old John Ronan suffered as the aromas of warm bread filled the car. At one point he even yelled, “Mama! My tummy’s calling out for the bread. Listen!”

We kept the third of the three loaves and ate lunch in the car. Salami, cheese, apple sauce–fresh bread and a long drive up the coast. It was Veteran’s Day and all the kids had school off. With my husband away on business, I didn’t want to stick around town and bother the kids about cleaning their rooms (as I so often do). So… with the morning behind us, and the whole day ahead of us, we drove north for adventure.

And when we pulled up at the Guadalupe Sand Dunes, we found plenty of adventure. Talk about a beach day! Sand enough for all of California to sink their toes into…

Cheers, friends. Tomorrow, the first day of Advent, we announce the winner of the giveaways! Can’t wait…


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