Farmer’s Market II

Two loaves of no-knead sourdough

Mixed: 10:30 pm

Molded: 7 am next morn

Baked: 8 am

Donated both loaves to the market

I’ve been tumbling from one event to the next this last week. I organized a dinner for 60, finished up the last giveaway of my books, ran a three-day sale, kept up with homeschooling my daughter, plus wanted to have some close friends over so actually endeavored to scrub the house. It’s that time of year…

So, when my husband gave me a hard stare and asked whether I really wanted to mix up a batch of dough for the farmer’s market at our church, I stopped and tried to weigh his words carefully. Sometimes we give too much–we stretch too far, and we end up sacrificing beauty for hurry. I don’t like to hurry–there’s very little peace found in hurry.

In the end I decided to spend the energy and make the bread. Thankfully it’s a recipe that only takes a few minutes to mix, and very little effort to bake. And the two loaves were purchased and carted off even before I got the camera out of the bag. I’m glad I baked, and the added money will help folks in need this winter season. But I’m heeding my husband’s words still, and trying to not end up on that hampster wheel of spinning in circles, unable to see beyond the cage.

Being Orthodox, this season of Advent is a time of prayer, fasting and introspection. Bread baking fits so beautifully into this scheme, and with the cold weather here, I plan on mixing batches and batches of dough as these forty days pass. Here are a few other things I’m doing, then, I’d love to hear from you.

  • Crocheting a shawl made of wool from Peru–I’ve just started and am almost through with the first skein
  • Planning on making an Advent wreath right after Thanksgiving. Can’t wait…
  • Reading through all four Gospels with a group of very lovely women–two chapters at a time
  • Hoping to do a wee bit of de-cluttering and giving away
  • Need to trim the hedge!
  • Continue to help John Ronan with his reading lessons
  • Finish the story about Saint Romanos

Now, what about you?


7 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market II

  1. I can’t say I have grand plans for advent but Gary and I are going to participate in a fundraiser for the local food bank. It is called “Huffing for Stuffing” and takes place on Thanksgiving day. There is a 10K and a 5K run, plus a 5K untimed walk/run. Gary and I are entering the 5K walk/run (we are walking). The kicker is that the temperature will probably be below zero. 1700 people so far have entered and we are still two days away from race day. I took a walk today when the temperature was exactly zero to test my proposed wardrobe. I actually stayed fairly comfortable, so I feel ready to go. Just hoping the wind is not blowing and praying for sunshine (it is snowing today).

  2. This advent my biggest plan is to figure out family traditions. My eldest is now 4 and will really respond well to an advent wreath, daily readings, etc. I am crocheting a wide scarf/head-covering for myself–it’s a bamboo thread in pretty pink, and it’s so soft! It will take longer than advent, but I hope to make some good progress on it. Also I will be learning to knit hats! I’d love to make a few to donate to the homeless. Lastly, I too hope to de-clutter a bit, esp in the clothes and plastic toy departments.

    Btw, I’m so impressed with your church. I love the dedication to the poor in the community, to the glory of God!

  3. Just made a big move so I’m working on unpacking. Almost done! I’m trying to figure out how to get the family into the groove of the Fast. I have six kids and homeschool and I need to finish getting materials and work on the full school schedule. Can’t wait to get out the Advent stuff. I’d like to be a bit more organized about life in general. I suppose that involves de-cluttering my soul as my house isn’t that bad. Hmmmmm. . .which is more difficult?!?!?!? I dig the comment about sacrificing beauty for hurry. Ain’t that the truth!

  4. Hello Jane! Happy Thanksgiving from Romania! We also are starting our Advent wreath this weekend, and I have just learned to knit (oh how it calms my spirit) and am working on a hat for our 5 year old daughter. My other hopes for this season are to read through, yet again, my favorite book of Advent stories (Home for Christmas: Stories for Young and Old, originally published by the Bruederhof…wonderful, wonderful stories with a focus on others, and esp. the poor, as one prepares to weclome the Christ Child), and to begin teaching our daughter to read. And to pray. And to soften a bit. Blessings to you and yours…

  5. Well, Jane, I was one of the very lucky ones to purchase a loaf of your bread. I’d seen it in the kitchen when I dropped off my artistic contribution to the market options, so knew that I wanted to zip right out there and buy one of those loaves as soon as the closing prayers were done. And, thankfully…there was one left. Thank you for baking. It blessed our family and made our homemade soup so much better.

    I am having a hard time entering into the quietness of the heart that is the point of Advent. Pray for me!

    Love you,

  6. Look how many of us are working with yarn? Brandi, Brigitte, and I am currently making a shawl–I’m using super fine yarn and it will take me ages, but I love it.

    When I get too overwhelmed and can’t figure out what to do next, I sit down and crochet a row–and the movements of my hands allow my mind to settle and figure out what next step to take. I hope you all post photos of your finished projects–and send me the links 🙂

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