Prior Novembers

Been baking…

This November has been one of movement for me. I feel like I’ve been in a small canoe, and have had the whole Santa Barbara channel to cross. Every day has required strenuous strokes just to keep me on target, and look!!! I’ve almost reached shore. Shore means many things, but especially and specifically it means that my hope of finally making an Advent wreath will come true. I’ve set aside some time this afternoon and can’t wait.

But before we leave November behind, I want to reminisce a bit. Two very exciting things happened last November right when I was beginning this blog. One year ago I sat aboard an airplane, and flew to France with my brothers. What an unexpected and almost dreamy trip that was. I was able to blog about my time in the village where many of my predecessors lived. All the baking ones came from there. And I’m still thankful today for the adventure and fun and inspiration that came from my time away.

The other significant past November post is when I found the recipe to Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread. I’ve utilized variations of his recipe over and again this past year, and if you don’t like to bake, or are looking for a new, simple way to make bread, you at least need to give this one a whirl. I’ve had such fun baking in my enamel pots (I now have three) and am grateful for good bread made with so little effort.

What about you, though. Tell me about your Novembers, either past or present. I’m curious to know what makes this time of year special to you…



5 thoughts on “Prior Novembers

  1. I am blessed to have two daughters born in November:
    Anna Grace on November 15
    Elizabeth on November 25.

    I once wrote a poem-duet about October. But November certainly has it’s own charms. Maybe someday…
    Happy St. Andrew Day!

  2. My husband’s birthday is in November, but he doesn’t care to remember them anymore. 🙂
    However, most of all, I too am very grateful that you found the no-knead recipe and shared it with us. I have made many, many no-knead breads since last November and shared them with lots of people. Trully a blessing! Thank you Jane for sharing not only the fruit of your hands but also your experiences and recipes!! With Love…

  3. Hmmm, November is a really different month out of the year… I would say the last three Novembers I have had have had at least one really difficult week…

    I have a special song group on my Windows Media Player just for this month!

    But it is also a month that God has this year and in years past shown great mercy…

    wishing you a good and holy rest of the Nativity Fast as December comes upon us.

    • I’m going to come over and root through your kitchen and see what you’ve got. 🙂 With as much soup as you make, yummy, delicious, healthy soup, I might add, this bread recipe would be perfect for you. If we can’t find a pan in your cupboards, then we just might have to ask our dear Saint Nicholas to intervene…

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