Bread in Brown Paper

Two loaves of no-knead sourdough

Mixed: 9:15 pm

Molded: 10:30 am next day

Baked: 12:30 pm

Gave away to staff at my son’s school

I’m enjoying being a bread elf. Several years ago I actually gave out dishwashing soap for Christmas presents, so bread is definitely a step up. (Long story!!!) Several weeks ago I posed a question, trying to find the best way to wrap bread… . I don’t want it terribly fancied up, but I also don’t want folks to think that it’s been handled and jostled and isn’t sanitary.

So, I fiddled with two options today since between now and Christmas I’ll be baking and giving daily. First, I thought it’d be great to use some of the fabric I have stored away, and tie it up with a lovely ribbon. Once I dove into it, and began cutting, I realized I’d run through my stash of fabric quickly–plus, it looked… not as elegant as I’d anticipated–although the photo really makes it look quite passable… (Must be that excellent camera of mine again playing tricks on me)

Then, I got the brilliant idea of using paper shopping bags. I have several of them stored for various projects, so I got to work folding and ribboning, and actually like the brown-bag look.

Then I saw a post on another blog using antique tea towels sewn in half, becoming a really lovely bread bag to use throughout the year. Anyone know where to find antique tea towels?

Tomorrow maybe I’ll be in the mood for something different. Lots of bread still to bake and give. If you have any ideas–I’d love to hear them!

5 thoughts on “Bread in Brown Paper

  1. Jane,
    I am from back East, so I see them in antique shops all the time. Do you have some vintage shops in your area? Of course there is always the on-line shopping extravaganza to try. Good luck. This sounds like a great idea and I hope you’ll post a photo with that great camera of yours when you accomplish this.

    I wanted to tell you that I think about you when I am out walking. There is a group of five people (now six – me!) that walk faithfully every morning on our 50 acres of land that St John’s owns. We have our little St. Sergius chapel built there and it is a beautiful walk. You have the wonderful stories of your Tue beach day and I asked myself why I couldn’t walk to the chapel once a week. Now I have joined this committed group who walk rain, shine, cold or mosquitos, every day. Most have dogs that need their excersize. We start at 9:30 in the morning right before the sun rises and the views keep changing as we walk and as the light gets brighter. At 11 AM we each go back home. This morning it was about negative 4 and we all looked like frosty snowmen by the time we said good-bye. You would love our walks and oh would we love to join you on a warm sandy beach!
    Thanks for being an insipration. God bless.


  2. Let it be known that I LOVED getting “Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day” soap with the note, “Merry Christmas wishes while you do your dishes!” See how memorable that was? No poo-pooing the soap gifts. But you are right: the bread wrapped in anything is a mighty tasty gift.

    BTW, today I received one of the first reproductions of a St Maria icon. Come and See icons has started making them at Jim Forest’s request. What did it come wrapped in? Cloth! Never had that happen before. Somehow made it feel that much more precious, even with raw edges….

    Love you!

  3. Jane,

    I cannot wait till you post your recipe for No Knead Sourdough. I just love your Website and it is so refreshing to see someone who is so blessed with the love of giving. Blessings : )

    • Leamlass, I did post my no-knead recipe under the Recipe tab. In order to make it sourdough, you’ll need an active starter going. If you have that 🙂 🙂 then all you need to do is replace the commercial yeast with a small scoop, maybe 1/4 cup of starter and you’re good to go!!!

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