The Tale of the Blue Cactus

Two loaves of no-knead sourdough

Mixed: 8:45 pm

Molded: 12: 45 pm next day

Baked: 2:15

The baking was done, the drizzle had passed, and glorious sunshine poured everywhere. Despite the list of inside things to do, I headed out front to pull weeds.

John Ronan joined me and worked on his gardening skills, pruning my beautiful but now fully dead pomegranate tree. I decided that I’d make giving simple, and that the first person walking by who said hello would get the warm sourdough sitting indoors on the kitchen counter. ๐Ÿ™‚

But even though there were plenty of potential-bread getters–folks running, folks walking, folks talking on their cell phones pushing a stroller–no one was in a chatty mood, even though John Ronan cried out “hello” to more than one.

We changed tactics once I had finished weeding the strawberry bed. With the loaf of sourdough in hand, we weaved right (nobody home), we weaved further right (nobody home), we weaved even further right (looked like somebody was home but they didn’t answer), we weaved left (two nobodies home again!) and ended up down the street where an old grandma was straightening up the front porch of her home. (I love this old grandma. She lives with her son’s family, has a European accent, and is often seen calling after a black and white mischievous kitty.)

She recognized us and we immediately struck up a long conversation about her blue cactus on the porch that blooms a beautiful velvety flower, and how she’d found the perfect blue pot just to match… We talked for a long time about that blue cactus while she peeked over and over into the bag to smell the warm loaf of sourdough bread. Simple enough. A bit of galavanting through the neighborhood and a small dose of sharing… How I loved listening to that sweet woman talk about her blue cactus!

So, that was my latest giving. Always a surprise or two to follow in the wake of the baking…

(And speaking of what’s to follow… Photos! My camera went kaput on Christmas Eve–and is being repaired in some faraway land. So, forgive the black and white words… The two photos were taken by my beloved Madeleine…)

What about you? Please share your giving adventures–or your blue cactus stories–or how you can’t believe that we’re weeding our strawberry beds when you’re out shoveling snow from the sidewalk!

Cheers–and happy giving!


4 thoughts on “The Tale of the Blue Cactus

  1. Beautiful – what a lovely Grandma she is! Nothing like finding the right pot for right plant.

    It is hard to be without one’s camera; I shudder at the thought!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I have no grand giving stories nor do I have any blue cactus stories that I can think of. But I do have a sad camera story and that is that my favorite lens is completely filthy and I have to pay a hefty price to have it cleaned. And so, the poor thing is stuck in it’s leather case until the proper time when the pennies start multiplying. . .

  3. I love the grace exemplified in this story. Through persistence and dedication, you found the exact right recipient for your generosity. Someone who desired and deserved that sourdough! Lucky lady… And what’s also great is that in turn, you received the gift of wonder, as you enjoyed the blue cactus. To practice generosity every day, that is a truly blessed way to live.

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