Keeping Track

Someday I won’t be in charge of so many people and where they need to be, and what they want to eat, and whether or not they’ve cleaned up their rooms. Some day. But that day is not now.

If you don’t know yet–I’ll let you in on a big secret. I’m a horrible cook. Chopping, searing, braising, creating with beets and goat cheese? Eek.

My husband, on the other hand, learned to cook early on in our marriage when I was going to school full time (landscape architecture) and working full time (waitress, gymnastics coach, draftsperson.) I was busy, and he likes to eat tasty vittles.

Fast forward many years and Douglas is the Mediterranean Master. He can whip up anything from Moroccan to a first class risotto. My mom even gave him a full chef’s uniform for his birthday a few years ago. Super fun.

I bake. And I nag my kids about their rooms, and I tend to burn things when I’m off helping with homework and telling kids to STOP playing those video games.

(Sorry.) This is a Long Story!

When I bake I have to keep track of the process or else I lose track of the process. I’m a list maker; if I can just get something written on paper, all anxiety seems to ease. So these little scraps of paper follow me from mixing, to molding, to baking. And sometimes they get a comment or two added to them; it’s satisfying to write your baking emotions in black and white.

Do you use lists to help you stay sane? Or maybe I’m insane–look at all of these lists that are around our home…

Knowing that most of my friends are easily as busy as I am, I hope this idea helps. Or maybe it just helps confirm to you that I am slightly crazed and desperate not to let the industry of paper and ink entirely disappear…

Cheers–and happy giving!


9 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. I really need more lists in my life. I tend to get off track and do a bunch of things that I “want” to do rather than what needs to be done. I have a HUGE pile of laundry that needs to be put away, but I am avoiding it. I know I’ll get to it soon, but I’d rather be on the computer or sew when I free time. 🙂

  2. This post has cheered me up so much. I can hardly cook a meal – though I love to bake – because my darling husband loves to cook and makes us beautiful evening meals. And I have to make lists. I have a large “in-box” in a cupboard, where all current paperwork goes. I have a few lists in there of what I want to accomplish in the medium term. Every Friday night (so I can relax over the weekend) I make a week-long masterplan for our family, which also contains a list of the most pressing things needing to be done in the week. That plan lives in the top of my in-box. Every evening I consult it and make a list for the next day. Once in a while I’m able to have a list-free day, and like you I know that a day will come when I don’t have to remember 35 things at various times. Until then, my lists are my best friends!

  3. Oh Jane, you make me smile. 🙂

    Yes! I am a list maker but my list is kept in one very small place – my Blackberry! It is what keeps me on track all day long.

    • Ha! I have lists on my phone as well. I must be wanting order very badly…

      But, to get back on track, the baking notes have helped me immensely. I can come back to my little scrap of paper in between so many other things and not end up ruining the bread. Don’t want to ruin the bread!

  4. YES! I totally have lists everywhere, but mostly in my planner thingie. I am almost completely technologically backward and I keep no important info on my phone. And, Jane! Landscape architect? I think you might be some sort of pseudo human who has come to this earth to do everything I want to do. . .Are you me reincarnated into some other existence? And I see ‘Bakersfield Research’ on that list. . .You better hop on that one.

  5. I have a steno notebook for my daily to-do list, and lists on lots of other pads of paper and scratch sheets as well.

    I grew up in a household where my father cooked, and now I’m married to a husband who cooks, too. Thank goodness! I can manage grilled cheese sandwiches and simple pasta, but that’s about it. Baking is so much easier for me, but I think that may have more to do with my interest in desserts.

  6. Lists. They’re the best thing we busy people ever invented, no matter where you put them. Jane, you are very normal and they probably keep you a bit more sane.

  7. I have a notepad in my car, as soon as I have an idea, or I remember something, (or a job for my husband!:) ) I write it down.

    I think maybe some drivers think I am writing their number plates down! 🙂

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