Sweet Afterglow

In the afterglow of Pascha, this family has been enjoying each day and all the fun that comes with being able to finally shout out Christ is Risen! Plus, there are Easter goodies to nibble on,

new books floating from table to desk, and flowers all around that shout spring is here!

And spring has sprung. It has been more like summer here on many days, urging me to the beach for a sit in the sand while the little one throws rocks or generally spins in wild circles. My ankle is still a bit tender, so I’ve confined my fun there to collecting rocks…

and more rocks…

And I’ve been baking. Making scones, for tea parties, and trying old recipes again. Sometimes old recipes don’t come out as well as they did before, so instead of being sad, you get silly…

And sometimes you have a friend who gets sick. Really sick. So sick you don’t see her at church for weeks, so you call and ask if there’s anything you can do, and then you make her rosemary rolls.

And then, it’s your birthday! Plus Mother’s Day heaped right on top, so someone else bakes you a cake. And they put a sheep on the cake–just because. Just because you’re part Basque, and you have little sheep here and there around the house, and because this particular sheep just happened to be hanging out near the cake when the photo was taken.

Oh, that yummy cake. A mix from Williams-Sonoma that is so packed with butter that you can only eat slivers at a time. But somehow, two days later, there’s not much left.

And speaking of not much left… The school year is coming to a close, with summer days already tempting me toward a looser schedule and lots of writing time. For this summer will take me back to pen and paper, and hopefully story after story. Stories have been piling up in this red-headed head of mine, just bursting to get out.

Meanwhile, I’ve got bread on the rise, and kids to wrangle, and slivers of chocolate cake still to nibble on.

What about you? What have these Bright Days been like for you? And what sorts of summer plans are in the days ahead in your life?

And do you have little sheep popping up in your pictures, too?


11 thoughts on “Sweet Afterglow

  1. Hristos a inviat! (Christ is risen!)
    Adeverat a inviat! (He is risen indeed!)
    Bright greetings from Romania, Jane. This joyful exchange is still spoken on the street when meeting a friend or acquaintance for the first time since Easter Sunday here. We do have lots of little sheep popping up here. Shepherding is very much an alive livelihood so lots of little lambs are to be glimpsed driving anywhere in the country these days…a sight never to tire of. We hope to come to S.B. this June (or December)…either way we’d love to greet you in person. Thanks for your site, that was so encouraging throughout Lent. Blessings…Brandi

  2. Christ is risen!

    W-S cake mix? as in you buy it in the store or a from a book? I am curious… ! 🙂

    Sounds like a lot of nice things for you.

    Hope your ankle continues to heal; that sure was something, hey?

    Sending a hug you way, for everyone needs them. 🙂

    • Elizabeth–I was going to put a link to the WS cake mix, but it wasn’t on their website so I didn’t want to confuse anyone. It’s a chocolate bundt mix that my husband bought in the store, and it’s really, really good. Cheers to you. He is risen indeed!

  3. Christ is risen!

    Since Pascha, I have found portions of cakes in the freezer — ones I had baked too close to Lent and didn’t want to throw out. So we’ve been eating more cake than usual. 🙂

    I want to follow your example and bake bread as I used to, but give it away, because there are not enough eaters here now. But the backlog of other tasks will keep me busy for a while longer.

    Happy Birthday and Many Years!

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