Mud is not reviled
Bread is almost always white, and soft, and not nearly as popular as pies
Summer is hot, and the weather changeable, and ten year-olds drive tractors in parades
Farmers are like superheroes with superhuman strength
Fireflies flicker at dusk, low over the lawns that stretch and roll and are pure enchantment
Community is family,
and family is everything


7 thoughts on “Nebraska

  1. It looks like so much fun Jane. Thanks for sharing. I miss Nebraska and the wonderful people we met along our Nebraska journey. The mud and pigs look like a blast!! I love the pictures you took especially the red barn and the long country road.

  2. The landscape photos remind me of Willa Cather’s novels. And the fair photos make me think of how much hard work has gone into these communities over the years!

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