South Dakota

Many years ago, when I was an editor for a small journal for women, Kristina Roth George wrote a personal essay that we published about her childhood in the Black Hills of South Dakota. (You can find an audio version of that article here.) That article, titled The Glory of God’s Creation inspired me into action–to consistently find a way to immerse myself in nature and its tremendous beauty. For me, that has meant regular trips straight down to the beach, rain or shine, fog or blazing sun. It was a sad realization, once reading Kristina’s words, that I had been living a mile from the mighty waters of the Pacific and hadn’t even looked that way for many months on end. I made a quick turn around and have been going for three years straight, and have the photos to prove it! (I post photos on Facebook–feel free to friend me…)

My time at the beach has had all sorts of consequences. Suddenly, the tides and the phases of the moon are important. I’ve found the beach in all sorts of states of change. One week it was fully covered with rocks, the whole sea bottom upheaved by a storm and washed ashore. Other days I’ve carted all my kids and friends, and have dug in the soft sand for hours. Tide pools. Lady bugs. Wild flowers. Sea anemones. And my beach days have led to trips into our mountains. To snow days, to trail hiking and the discovery of favorite groves of oaks. God’s creation is glorious indeed, and the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of getting away from home and into the elements has enriched my life tremendously. Thank you, sweet Kristina.

And I see why she holds such treasured memories of these black hills here in South Dakota, and why she returns as often as possible. There is a raw and unspoiled beauty here–a serenity mixed into the green and granite. I only wish we had many weeks to explore this place and enjoy the enchantment that surrounds me on every side.

Listen to her article; I urge you to be inspired if you find yourself indoors too often, or stuck in a routine of work, eat, and sleep. There is healing, restoration, and the possibility of adventure and new discoveries while simply walking along the shore, or sitting by a creek bank reading…

And for us, onward to Montana!

Good-bye beautiful Black Hills…


4 thoughts on “South Dakota

  1. Jane, you are too kind indeed. I am so glad that you enjoyed the Black Hills, and even more glad that you have redisovered God’s beauty in your lovely home of California. There is beauty all around us no matter where we are!

  2. it is indeed beautiful. I remember many years ago we had a big family vacation that took us through Kansas. Everyone whom we told this too complained about how boring Kansas was. I, however, found it to be the most beautiful place…filled with wide open skies and rolling hills that looked more like waves than anything I’ve ever seen. It was so lovely.

  3. We were there 2 years ago…are you going to Yellowstone, too? Will you go to a rodeo while in Wyoming? I remember when we camped in Cody…there was one nearby and I kind of wish we had gone… I really enjoyed our time in South Dakota. I liked the buffalo a lot. Like cows, but more natural…and a good burger. Yum.

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