Bread as Barter

I actually didn’t barter.

I was on the hunt for a piano bench, but had no coin. Not a penny.

It’s not surprising that Jill, who works with the homeless here in our town, whose heart is so large it almost beats out of her chest, who even has the nerve to rescue a skunk when its head is stuck in a yogurt container in her backyard, offered me her piano bench for free. Now she has a piano, but no bench for a bottom. That’s Jill for you.

Jill should be the one writing this blog about giving. She gives of herself so effortlessly, and daily. But I guess I’m still the one who needs to learn more deeply about this giving–about seeing each and every person as infused with that divine potential that can change the world! We can change the world, you know. You and me. We can change it right now.

Anyway, I’m off topic, as usual.

I think bartering with bread just might be in my future–once I’ve gotten to the point when I fearlessly think of others before myself. Bartering for stuff just sounds more organic and better for the soul. It reminds me of Saint Brigid, and the way things were when life was slower and closer to the land, and to the elements, and when people were willing to struggle for things. Good bread is hard to find, I’ve been told. So bread-trading might be an interesting side step. Homemade anything beats those storebought somethings. Except chocolate.

But maybe I’m just being a romantic. Maybe I’m just full of hot air today and need to get back to baking.

Speaking of baking.

I’ve also had folks recommend that I start to sell my bread. Ha! I think that’s funny. I prefer to sell books, actually. When it comes to books, yup, I’m ready to put on the sales hat and get to work. Every little being should have a boatload of great books at her disposal. She should have someone to snuggle with each night while a book is opened in front of her–new words, new thoughts, new worlds.

Bread right now is for giving… I still have gads to learn.


The bread

The piano bench

Thanks, Jill!

1 thought on “Bread as Barter

  1. Beautiful bun/loaf, Jane! And THANK YOU for the lovely and yummy loaf you brought out to me yesterday after school. You made my day. I have to confess, though, that I could not wait until I got home to start munching. I just grabbed a pinch and started munching in the car–can you believe it? Then when I did get home, I cut off a proper slice and toasted it for the warmth and smell. Yum!

    Love the piano bench story. It looks perfect with your new baby grand. God is pretty amazing how he blesses one person through another. I want to learn how to be the second kind of person, because I’ve had so many opportunities to be the first kind. 🙂 Thanks for being a good model for me.

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