School Party!

When your calendar says School Party

(being the list-crosser-offer that I am), well, you jut need to have one!

When your school only consists of two people, well, you just need to go recruiting!

So. We said our prayers. We did our reading. We did our writing. We had a snack. We read a book. THEN! We moved into party mode.

We made cupcakes! Yum.

Signs, cupcakes, icing, sprinkles, putting the signs up, sending out texts to neighbors, hanging out in the front yard yelling for people to come! Cupcakes, cupcakes, come and eat some cupcakes!

I can’t tell you how fun it is to follow in the wake of a five-year-old’s enthusiasm. This little munchkin can get excited by the slightest thing–by a little magnet on the calendar, and before you know it you’re baking chocolate goodies and sharing with a house-full of hungry teenagers.

Sharing is good. It’s part of this year’s curriculum!

Our party:

John Ronan. Mama. Madeleine. Morgan. Andrew. Sarah. Papa. Four playmobil enthusiasts. (No photos of the gang, we were too busy enjoying our just-becuse celebration!)

If you ever happen to drive by our home, and see this

…you’re welcome to drop in!

3 thoughts on “School Party!

  1. We would have been there is a heartbeat. If you need any other little munchkins at your school gathering please let us know. Justina and I will join you!! I love your enthusiasm for life Jane!!!

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