Merciful; Clementine

I have to say I just love the middle name of this new baby girl. Clementine. The above photo, taken of a single vinca bloom last spring near my home, reminds me of this new baby girl. Clementine means merciful.

Anyway, this visiting babies, and offering bread to their families, is just what I need these days. Last week, I called ahead to make sure it’d be okay to pop by to see this new little one. So with a warm loaf of Struan, I zipped downtown to a charming home, just in time to find the husband perched on a ladder, stringing Christmas lights across the broad porch. Jimmy, the big brother, who is still not all that big–being about two–wanted to help. I had to jump a baby gate to get in the front door. 🙂

Guess what? I got to hold that new little baby for a good while, feeling her warm being in my arms. God knew what He was doing when he designed babies.

I chatted with the mama, who is beautiful and kind, and a tad bit shy. She knows her way around a library, (since she’s a librarian) and authors absolutely adore librarians. I am no exception; they are very wise people. Anyway, it was all just grand, being with that family and their new life. It’s so perfect this kind of baking–as we near the very birth of Christ in just a few weeks!

Any new babies in your lives?

More giving to come, for this is hearty bread weather. And I’ve an adapted Struan recipe to post, too. And I’ve got some signed books to ship. The list is long these days!

Wishing you all sorts of loveliness…


4 thoughts on “Merciful; Clementine

  1. I’ve recently knitted a hat for a baby yet to arrive. Viktoria, my prayers go to you. We were childless for 10 years, adopted and then had a baby! You just never know what God has in store.

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