Mrs. H

Two loaves of Struan were cooling on the rack and dinnertime was nearing. It had been a busy day and I was feeling the draw to settle into the evening with my family.

I quickly ran through the list of the new babies in my life and realized that all of them, except one whom I’d already visited, lived clear across town. I really didn’t want to drive. Not then, not during the Christmas rush.

So, I didn’t.

Instead, I toted the hot loaf two minutes away, and dropped it at the home of Mrs. H, where my older son had been hanging out that afternoon.

I felt kinda bad that I’d decided to stay close to home and offer the bread to someone who didn’t have any babies to tend, nourish, or feed. I even thought about not blogging about it…

I got this email the following day.

Oh, Jane, I worked until almost 9 O’clock last night and have to be to work by 8:30 this morning.  I can’t begin to express what a delight it was to wake up to your delicious fresh bread this morning.  Thank you so much, it was such a kind thing for you to send it.  May you be richly blessed for your thoughtfulness.

Giving. Sharing. Just a small something for someone. Let’s keep trying, you and me, and not always be too distracted by whatever our methodical plans are. Sometimes doing what’s practical, even doing what’s simpler, is better in the end.

But it’s not The End, folks.

More giving (and lots more giving to babies) to come!


1 thought on “Mrs. H

  1. I guess God had a plan for your bread to go to someone who needed it more! The families with the new babies will be glad to have your homemade bread later, too, I’m sure!

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