Born on November 14th, Sophia is still fresh from heaven. I drove to visit her late last Friday and couldn’t get enough.

It’s really something. I’ve lived long enough now to have watched young kids grow to be adults, and then to become parents. It’s tremendous seeing how time changes so much. How little people grow so large, and can become responsible, and even wise, in just a few years. Little Sophia is the granddaughter of a good friend, and the first born of a sweet young woman, married, and beginning a new life of career and family.

I took them Struan. I plopped it on the counter, and made a beeline for the baby. And she squeaked for me, she squirmed, she chirped and whimpered. She smiled, and then she fell asleep in my lap, her arms raised over her head, her little body so completely relaxed and trusting. I tell you, I didn’t want to go home.

We drank tea, and talked of life and babies. This has all been so healing (visiting and baking for babies), like my cup being filled up with goodness, spilling out the struggles that are now becoming a part of my recent past.

So, the Struan recipe is up! Very yummy. And most of my gifts are wrapped! There are many things still left undone (Christmas cards, more baking, standing in line at the post office :(, and visiting the tax collector!!!), but this season is not for rushing, no matter what anyone says. This season is for hugs and good cheer, for sitting in a chair sipping hot tea and visiting with friends. This season is for walks on the beach, and dressing up in all your winter gear that you never, ever get to wear. This season is for remembering, and butternut squash soup, and lighting Advent candles, and reflecting on why we light them.

Enjoy this season. And if you have to let somethings remain undone (like Christmas cards, which I send out well into February) then so be it!

Cheers, friends.


7 thoughts on “Sophia

  1. I love your posts – so full of joy. And I love that you send out your cards in Feb! I give up and may follow your lead and send out ‘Springtime cards’!

    • First of all, I figure there are 12 days of Christmas, so sending cards then is always fun, and never “late!”. And, January is so close to it still being December, so Christmas hasn’t really been forgotten yet.
      And then there’s February. The few people who are receiving cards from me then are my favorites. I send them last because I write so much on the back of the card and it takes two months for all those words to finally flow!

      I have a professor who always sends cards in July. Christmas means grading for her, so she defers the holiday card until she’s actually on holiday!

      For me, the fun is simply checking in with folks that I love, but who are far. And we can do that any time, really. Can’t we? 🙂

  2. I told a friend just yesterday who was bemoaning the fact that she too did not have her cards done, that it is still Christmas without them. Plus, getting cards after Christmas is the best! We are more relaxed and are missing the “real” mail that we receive only once a year. Blessings to you and your family. I had to chuckle when you said this is a great time for walks on the beach. I am dressed in my warm winter gear (not as many layers today because it is 32 degrees and I will get too hot) and ready to go on my 5 mile hike. Didn’t do it at all last week and I am needing a good walk in the snow!

  3. It doesn’t bode well for the “carbon footprint” of your gifts BUT…if you’d like to avoid lines, see some friendly faces and drink cider while we weigh and measure your packages – come up to Westmont’s Post Office. I’d love to see you!

  4. Reading about you holding that precious baby and how healing it has been reminded me of something an abbess told me this past summer. She said she always tells her nuns to play with children and hold babies when families visit the monastery for two reasons: to give the mother a break, and to soften the sisters’ hearts. She said it’s easy for some monastics to become hard because they focus so much on keeping their typikon, but then they forget they are dealing with people. A baby helps us to remember we need to deal with others as gently and as lovingly as we do with babies.
    My sister-in-law and I have plans today to “kidnap” our friend’s four and two year olds to do some Christmas baking together.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Yes, a baby reminds us of how human and fragile and innocent and filled with beauty we really are. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Matushka.

      I bet you’re going to have such fun with those little ones in the kitchen today! Enjoy… We are at grandma’s for the day, and Christmas cookies are on the list. Can’t wait!

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