Some Things are Hard to Understand

Like my attachment to this very broken oven thermometer…

It has been sitting on my counter for over a year.



10 thoughts on “Some Things are Hard to Understand

    • Actually, I’m not sure if it still works! I’ll have to pop it into the oven next time, just to check–not that I could read it or anything–with all those cracks… I tried to pull the glass out, but no budging… 🙂

  1. You MUST keep it! You must find a little shelf (or a little spot somewhere), put the thermometer on it and put a cute little plant and candle by it. A memorial to all past baked goods. . .

  2. It must embody for you all the wonderful things you baked while using it. A well-used thing like that has its own beauty. I’m going to be sorry to say goodbye to the total-loss-salvage van we’ve been driving with a crumpled, duct-taped back door for the last year and a half, because it was a faithful servant for seven years. Unfortunately, a van takes up a lot more space than an oven thermometer, and our neighbors are anxious to get that “eyesore” off the street!

  3. OH MY !!!!!…..and I thouhgt I was the only one who kept things like that… I have been hiding this lil quirk for years

  4. Your love for that old thermometer makes me smile. It’s great that you see beauty in what many might pass over. And it’s still useful–just not what it was intended for. 😉

  5. My thoughts run to a piece of art that you could make that would encompass not only that charming artifact but others that you have tucked away here and there. But for now, it is a piece of art just sitting on your kitchen counter.

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