12 thoughts on “The Eve

    • My pleasure. Sure wish I had the camera out to take a picture of my hubby’s corned beef and cabbage, though. And the crosses that the little girls made from colored wax sticks. And the flower creations that my little one made… 🙂

  1. Lovely! I have your lovely book tucked into my suitcase and we will read it here in Baja today. And when we get home I’ll make an Irish meal before the fast begins. Today it will have to be tacos!

    • The icon came from Come and See Icons, and the plates were a gift from my mom last night. She found them somewhere here in Santa Barbara and piled them high with shortbread delights… Aren’t the plates sweet? I must have hugged and thanked her three times 🙂

      I want you to come visit, too…

  2. I saw a Valentines poem today that had to do with St.Brigid and Leap Year and I thought of you:

    Saint Bridget in the long ago
    Won for all maids the right to go
    Once in four years and seek a beau.

    This year is leap year, as you know,
    But as I’ve many a lovely bow
    In quest of one I will not go.

    But your dear image I enshrine
    Within my heart, sweet valentine,
    Have you a little place for mine?

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