Sweet Baby Love

Friends from church recently had the most adorable baby, whom I’ve been wanting to hold and rock. BUT, I couldn’t because I was in Reno, and then I was a chauffeur to play rehearsals for days and days. Phew, life has finally slowed and it shows by the three half eaten loaves of bread on my bread board. I’ve been baking.

Here’s a cooling loaf of Struan, and a jar of jam, sent by a friend whom you will hear more about this Saturday. Christine sent this extra jar of jam along to me, all the long way from Alaska, just so she could join in the giving. Giving multiplied! Isn’t that sweet?

John Ronan did the gentlemanly thing and carried the basket for me to the car (plus he dutifully posed, and grinned.)

And here sit the food delights, cuddled into the passenger seat. I like driving around town with homemade bread and jam beside me.

Once we arrived, I rocked and chatted for the sweetest few minutes. The baby was swaddled, and so new, and I stared right into her open and curious eyes.

And tomorrow, I get to bake again. We’ll have church and a soup dinner after the service, and who doesn’t love some molasses bread with their soup?

Sending you all cheery-ness and goodwill. Happy baking, friends.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Love

  1. Lovely, Jane. I’m sure that mama was very comforted by your loving gift(s) given by two mothers who know how much it means to receive homemade gifts. I’m guessing who you were cuddling. I wonder if I am right. 🙂

  2. We cut into the bread as soon as you left, Jane, and ate it while it was still warm and while Elizabeth was napping. That girl would try to live off of nothing but bread, so Wyatt and I splurged with several slices while she was out. 🙂 Thank you for your warm (bread and) thoughtfulness. We enjoyed the visit, and I hope we can visit again soon.

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