The Chocolate Shortbread Fly By

Facebook is an odd medium for giving baked goods to others, but more than once I’ve posted that I have an extra loaf of bread available and somebody local has popped by to pick it up. This week it was cookies. I’m known to eat leftover chocolate chip cookies for breakfast with my green tea. Is this something that you do, too? Yum. Here’s what happened:

Jane G Meyer says: Cookies and tea. Cookies and tea. Cookies and tea.
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    •  S:  That’s my kind of breakfast! Esp if they are shortbread cookies!
    • C:  Soooo… What time should I get there? 😉
    • S: See, C has her brain on! I’ll be driving by your street in about 45 minutes….

    • Jane G Meyer:  Only two cookies left, my darlings. C, I believe you’d need a leer jet to get here before S. I’ll whip up another batch and put them on the tall rock out front for a quick pickup. Seriously, do not knock on the door, I’ll be in the midst of The Three Billy Goats Gruff with John Ronan and won’t want to be disturbed. Serious literature, that…

    • S: Cookies from Jane? For real? I’ll do whatever you ask! 😉

    • C’s Mom: Storytime! Storytime! Yes, cookies are nice, but I want in on the storytime! “Let me in. Let me in. I’ll huff and I’ll puff. ” oh. Wrong story. “I’m a troll fol-de-rol! And I’ll eat you for sup-per!” Hmmm… Maybe you can bribe the troll with some of your cookies.

    • Jane G Meyer: Who needs to bribe a troll when you have a mighty Billy Goat just ready to do a whole lotta head butting? That troll “was never heard from again.” We had some good reading this morning, and I noticed that the cookies were taken from atop the rock. Hope they were delicious. We used the Teddy Bear cookie cutter just for M (my wee little, spunky goddaughter) 🙂

    • Jane G Meyer: How rude of me, though. Perhaps that troll would be a whole lot nicer if I’d just make him a batch of chocolate shortbread. Something to think about…

    • S: Cookies were delish!! M was happy to get more train blocks, and I loved the art from JR!

    • C’s Mom: I am sure that if the troll had a loaf of some of your magical, mystical, marvelous bread he would have a complete change of heart!
      So, there you have it. The wonders of Facebook. And here is the chocolate shortbread giving in pictures (when my camera decided it felt happy enough to actually capture a shot–it’s pretty broken). More on that adorable little cloth cookie-knapsack soon!

4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Shortbread Fly By

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  2. Don’t do Facebook but reconsidering if it will give me an opportunity to have some of your cookies!!!

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