Doctor in the House?

It was a lovely evening.

Warm. The kids were in good humor, my parents were over for dinner, and my dad and the little one even erected some very bizarre pipe set up that reached into our enormous pine tree…


and then my little one went careening into the hall, bashed his head into the corner of a wall, and came out with a whole lotta blood dripping everywhere. John Ronan isn’t one to flinch at pain. He’s a tough little fellow, but this incident had him in tears, and frightened.

It’s gonna be okay, we assured him as we tried to staunch the bleeding. We’ll get you fixed up in no time.

Tears. Grown ups everywhere, my daughter trying to tell John Ronan the specifics (from this years’ biology class–thanks Miss Drake!) about how blood clots–to calm him down (cause he LOVES to know how things work).

At one point when he saw himself, his blond hair now half bright red, he exclaimed, It’s rather cool that my hair is red–now I look like Mom!

Love that boy.

The time came, though, when we had to decide whether it was the ER for stitches or stay home and HOPE for the best. And that’s when we remembered that we have a doctor in the house!

Well, almost. Susie lives just two doors down, but yes!!!, don’t you just love it when a friend is not only a friend, but a doctor, too?!

This is a long story to tell you that neighbors are wonderful, that knowing those around you means you have created community, and that doctors in my neighborhood always end up with loaves of bread on their cutting boards as thanks. Hope she liked the Struan. I’m pretty sure she did 🙂

And John Ronan got to go five days without washing his hair, which he loved, and is of course!!!!! back to his bouncy self.

Hope you’re well, my friends. Happy Spring.


5 thoughts on “Doctor in the House?

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    • Yes, Angela. Any kind of bread that you want a crust on can be baked in the pot. The only limitation is the size of your loaf and the size of your pot. The cast iron with the lid is imitating what it’s like to bake in a brick or stone oven, the way the heat is retained and imparted to the dough. That’s why you’ll get such a great outer crust, great color, but still have a soft and lovely inner crumb. Sometimes I wish I had a pot that was shaped like a baguette! 🙂

      Or even better–I wouldn’t mind having a brick oven.

      The only breads I don’t bake in the pot are my pan breads–molasses, struan, sweet breads. Those aren’t meant to have nice thick European crusts… Hope this helps!

  2. Christ is Risen! ♥ I’m glad to hear all is well with John Ronan! Yes, so nice to have a friend who is also a doctor. We used to have 2 friends who were doctors when we first moved to Cincinnati…but they have moved on. I bet she appreciated that straun!

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