Blah, Blarg, Ick

It’s fun to try new recipes, but they sometimes turn out like this…

It’s true. I made some fairly awful crackers the other day. Here they are, poor things.

I’m on the hunt for new cracker recipes. I love our rye cracker recipe, but one is NOT enough? Rice crackers, herb crackers, maybe even something to use all the Garbanzo bean flour I have in the pantry (two bags!!!). Please, please share.

Until then, I’ll keep up the hunt,

BECAUSE you can’t learn anything if you don’t make mistakes! (I just said that yesterday to my kids.)

I’m such a mom…

4 thoughts on “Blah, Blarg, Ick

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  2. I wonder if they’d be good with goat cheese? I haven’t ever made crackers. BUT I did get that Crabtree & Evelyn cookbook from the library and am thinking of trying the cheddar and sesame cracker recipe in there. Have you ever made falafel? I know you can use garbanzo bean flour to make them! ♥

    • Yes, we’ve made falafel–and what a good reminder for the garbanzo flour! I’ll have to look at the cheddar and sesame cracker recipe, too. Thanks, Martha!

  3. I was just popping in to suggest slathering the crackers with a strong cheese, maybe feta, because you won’t really much taste the cracker–just an avenue for the yummy cheese. 🙂

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