Out of Doors

In Southern California we are able to eat outside for many months. We have few bothering bugs, we are drenched with warmth and sun for much of the year, and for all that we pay massive amounts of taxes–with more surely to come! 

Anywho, many of us have these dinky little homes, which means that using whatever outside space available is… smart. And with teenagers, whose bodies are bursting out of these little rooms and places, going outside helps maintain sanity (plus you don’t have to sweep!).

Recently I baked up a beautiful batch of sourdough. I toted my two loaves over to my parents’ new home, and we grilled some sausages, set the tables and enjoyed the fresh air and the view. It’s that time of year, and more often than not, that’s where you’ll find us in the evenings, gathered around a table or another, pairing grilled sausages and sourdough bread, with fava beans plucked straight from our forest. sipping lemonade or margaritas, and knowing that–

hopefully living the fact that–

(despite the taxes!!!)

we are blessed.


9 thoughts on “Out of Doors

  1. That is beautiful! We are currently the process of getting estimates for a deck in our backyard. That will make such a difference for us because we love eating out, but our patio is TINY. My husband loves SoCal and wishes we could move there, but I love how affordable it is where we live and I wouldn’t trade that 🙂 (It is also beautiful here!)

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  3. There is a reason why CA is expensive. HOWEVER, there are pockets that are more affordable than many other places in the US (say. . .CO for instance). When I tell people what my bills are here, they are astonished (because they are LOW). And, we just bought a house. Inside space? 1440 sq ft. for NINE people. Outside space? 13,000 sq ft. Cost: $162K for all you doubters of CA living being unaffordable. Ah. . .the Central Valley. And have I mentioned the soil here? You can grow things. Indeed it is the Golden State. Did your parents move to SB or were they there already?

    • Oh, H, you bought a house! I’m so pleased… I’m gonna make it your way one of these days. I’m gonna…
      (And yes, my parents moved here in January–their only move in their whole lives… My dad wants chickens :))

  4. The pictures are lovely, Jane. I am sure everyone enjoyed being in that environment and having a delicious dinner too! I am happy for you for having such near perfect weather most of the time!

  5. I love flowers on the table, too….your pictures are wonderful, with the sun streaming through. We like to eat outdoors too. I ♥ how you put in that little gripe about taxes!!! I completely understand although I’m sure your tax rates are higher, I just wish overall tax money could be spent in a wiser way, seems there is so much government waste!

  6. OH, Jane, those flowers are incredible. What in the world are they? Just LOVE them. And let me say THANK YOU for the bag of fava beans. They were tender and delicious! YUM YUM. I’ll have to think about planting some in October. 🙂

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