Better to Be Clear!

Sometimes, the little people see bread and it just vanishes. Even right before dinner. Does that happen in your house?

This week I baked some rosemary rolls (yum!!!)

and I wanted to share with a family that has six of the sweetest mouths to feed. That family is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. But eight people, that’s more than our five…

Hence the note:

And the note worked! I returned from my running around and both beautiful rings of rolls were still on the counter, ready for giving.

One for us, one for them, and that’s how the story ends.



6 thoughts on “Better to Be Clear!

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  2. Hi Jane,

    They look yummy.

    Was wondering if your rosemary rolls can be done the day before, I think its called retarding in the fridge?


    • Hi, Angla 🙂 You can’t retard any dough for very long (like 24 hours) or it will really dry out in the fridge. You can however, mix in the morning, let it have its first rise on the counter, then shape the rolls and put them into the fridge all the way until right before dinner. Just heat up that oven and while it’s heating let the rolls sit on the counter, then bake.

      Also, you could mix the dough up in the evening. Let it have its first rise on the counter, then shape and pop them into the fridge over night. Bake them sometime in the morning and eat later that day. I do this all the time when I make cinnamon rolls. yum…

      Just do some trial runs and see how it all works out? The fun about baking is the fiddling and sometimes you get surprised by what works!

    • Yes, cover it with a damp towel. Even that might dry out–you could also use plastic wrap or some sort of large glass pan that has a lid (as long as it’s tall enough. Let me know how it goes!

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