Catching Up

Apart from an amazing week away in the mountains with my family–a week when I napped three times a day and sat by the river more than cooked, or baked, or anything–it seems all I’m doing these days is catching up. The garden needs tending, writing projects await, guests are here, new recipes want to be tried, and kids continually beg for rides. It’s summer!

And I haven’t quite settled into this new routine. I’m still adjusting, but at the same time savoring many sweet and simple moments. Plums. A dinner outside on the patio. Ping pong 🙂 A new draft of a story. Cousins. The fountain gurgling outside my bedroom window.

And even though I’m doing plenty of giving–the rides, the laundry, the cleaning…I’m missing the baking and all that that has meant in my life these last few years. And to feed that missing link–I recently read this inspiring story of nine, very generous baking nanas. If you haven’t read it–take the time. I cried most of the way through. Anyway, today, there’s bread in the oven! I feel a renewed effort welling in me, and that makes me happy.

Tell me, what’s making you happy these summer days? Are you in catch up mode, too?


3 thoughts on “Catching Up

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  2. Hope the days quiet down soon…and you get more restfulness in before school begins anew. It was lovely having time with your family last night. Thank you for the amazing loaf of bread. Wow. What a gift! And the plums. Only 2 tiny ones left, and I’m sure they’ll be gobbled up before the morning is gone. We sure enjoyed seeing the 4 years of pictures of our beautiful kids. Thank you for making it and for sharing it with us.

    Let’s do more hanging out again after the dust settles…

  3. Yes, completely in catch up mode. I have had some down time to give my mind a rest, and regroup for more nursing school in the fall. I am so pleased to see your bread Jane! I hope to get back to that lovely habit, once life allows. I am glad you are taking time to enjoy this season.

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