My son’s godfather was recently diagnosed with cancer.

It has been about two months since he began treatment, and the sweet man has kept up his humor and his joyful spirit, but he’s thinner–a lot thinner. I asked him last Sunday about bread–was he eating any and could I make him some?

Jane, he said in his southern accent, if it’s soft, really soft, I’ll try it. I’m willing to try anything right now…

So I literally raced home, baked some molasses bread and zipped it over to his house. Packed with whole wheat, oats, some butter and iron-rich molasses, I told him that if he could stomach it, I’d bake for him whenever he wanted.

And I mean it…

Would you cheer him on with me?

We love you, Deacon Howard!!!


15 thoughts on “Godfather

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  2. Jane, what a special and caring woman you are. As a cancer survivor myself, i can tell you that your generosity with Deacon Howard is appreciated much more than you could ever know. I will join you and your readers in praying for Deacon Howard’s complete healing. Our God is the God of miracles……..He can heal any and every stage of a disease that there is. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding.” “All that you ask in prayer, believe that you will receive it, and it will be yours.” God bless you both!

  3. Dearest in Christ, Deacon Howard, 
    God bless you and give you strength!  I make a deliciously mean chocolate chip scone, and I’ll make it for you whenever you want!  I’ll make it really soft too!  
    Let me know, ANYTIME!   — or you can choose homemade hummus and soft pita bread!  My other specialty….Anytime! 
    You are in our prayers. 
    In Christ’s love, 
    Kh. Tammy Makoul

  4. Dn. Howard:
    You have been in our prayers, we LOVE you dearly! And we continue to pray for your healing.
    I can’t see a chickadee with out thinking of you, or hear the song ( Rolling down the river) and not hear your voice singing it, get well soon please!

    Much love
    The Heckenlively’s

  5. Dn. Howard, the Reynolds family loves you and keeps you in our prayers daily. God bless you and Gail and give you His peace.

  6. Oh, Jane, this breaks my heart. I had not heard anything lately since we have been out of town for 2 weeks. I hope he was able to enjoy your delicious soft bread. I would love to hear any further details you can share with me about our dear Dn Howard….please.

    • Yes, an update–as of Sunday. Dear Deacon Howard is doing much better. He is able to eat more comfortably, and was appreciative of the bread 🙂 (I’ll be baking more tomorrow!) He remarked on how quickly your whole body deteriorates when you can’t eat or drink–poor fellow. He’s able to swallow now with less pain…

      If I remember the details correctly, he has two weeks until his surgery, which will take place at USC and the recovery will be long and hard. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. He is the very essence of a good-natured, generous, and giving man, and I am confident God’s hand is holding him and that we are being taught how to love better because of his lovely example…

  7. August 28–6 pm. I’ve been updating friends on Facebook, but our beloved Deacon Howard is struggling, struggling right now and in need of prayer. He had esophogal surgery 16 days ago and right before being released to come home suffered a heart attack, a collapsed lung and blood clots in the lung. He is currently in a medically induced coma, and will be brought out of it later this evening. Please, please pray for him. He is so lovely–such a good man whom we don’t want to lose…

    • May God continue to carry him. The good
      Deacon knows he is loved and being prayed for.
      Him and his family are all in our prayers. God’s providence is too great for us.
      Love in XC,

  8. September 3–9:26 pm. Deacon Howard continues to be in a medically induced coma. They are being very careful about bringing him out, monitoring how his body responds so there is no further damage. This has been very hard for our entire church community–who loves him so dearly. Please continue to pray. They tried to warm him today, but he was not responding well. They will try again on Wednesday. On Thursday, I am hoping to drive down with my son (Deacon Howard’s godson) to visit, before Andrew leaves for college.

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