Not Baking… and Here’s Why

So, if your brother tossed an enormous bag of bread into the front seat of your car, what would you do?

We–pull out the bread knife.

The Kids–eat all the chocolate bread in one fell swoop.

I–make a lot of croutons.

I–give some of it away.

I–make two batches of French toast. (French toast made with old sourdough bread is the BEST!)

I–burn some of the French toast. (See this post.)

I–don’t do a whole lot of baking. Not for five days–maybe more.

And now, the brothers are threatening me with a 50 pound bag of flour sent up on one of their bakery trucks. My answer?




6 thoughts on “Not Baking… and Here’s Why

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  2. Jane, is your summer flying by at break-neck speed like mine is? I desperately want to spend a long, leisurely day at the beach with you and the kids (or at the park or anyplace beautiful with some bit of shade) and then have another evening with you all here in our patio eating something yummy and just hanging out altogether! When or when can we do this? Hopefully in between all the loaves you’ll be baking with that huge sack of flour coming up from LA. 🙂

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