In Process :: The Hidden Garden

Well, there is absolutely nothing in this post about bread. But there is an awful lot of giving, when it comes to the task of writing. There is the gift of time, that my husband affords to me as I build this career. There is the gift of a publisher believing in you. There is the gift of offering a creative piece of work–a part of your own heart and mind–to a reader, and in this case my favorite kind of reader, a small child.

So, a new gift is coming. Just wanted to share the beautiful cover of The Hidden Garden, due out February 1st, 2013. Masha Lobostov is the artist, and the book is currently in production! Such fun.

Three years in the works.. Here it is!


7 thoughts on “In Process :: The Hidden Garden

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  2. My second favorite topic, gardens! Can’t wait
    To see your masterpiece! God bless your work Jane! Actually, He has! Congrats in advance!
    Kh. T

  3. Oof. Trying to get the correct colors to translate over these screens and files has been a chore. If you’re seeing hyper, spastic neon green, just know that the final book won’t look that way 🙂

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