Sometimes, when a mama’s heart is breaking, and she’s trying everything she knows in order to make things right, other people reach out their hands in love.

I found this on my front doorstep.


I am thankful for friends who pray, who gather roses and guavas from their gardens, because they know love.


6 thoughts on “Receiving

  1. Dearest Jane, that is just such a beautiful arrangement. Know that I love you too! I will take flowers to church tonight for you on the Conception of the Virgin Mother by Anna….no one better to go to when us mothers need help!
    Kh. Tammy

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    • Our little John Ronan has had a tremendously difficult run at school. Sent home twice in a week… We have summoned forces and turned to more prayer, and asked friends and family for help. We are seeking aid from every side, every angle, doing all we can think of. He is a very sweet soul, but has some difficulties that are too personal to discuss in this space. Despite the seriousness of the struggles, we are rejoicing in the gathering of forces and the good things that are already coming out of this! We know God’s plan for this fellow is a good and beautiful one–and we are doing our best to help him down that road! Thank you for your concern 🙂

  3. You all are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers, and we love you more deeply than words can express. May God fill your hearts with all peace that passes understanding, and may He guide you each step of the way ahead. xoxoxo

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