On Camera


Back in December a young photographer at church approached me, full of questions about my bread baking and giving. What is it all about, why do I do it, how often do I bake, what have I learned? He listened intently, and then asked if he could make a short movie about the topic. I hesitated, then said yes.

I despise being in front of the camera. Mostly because I am sinful, and vain, and see myself as less beautiful than I would like to be. Growing up in Southern California, surrounded by beautiful people–everywhere–it’s an easy trap to tumble into. That is a very honest answer coming straight from my heart. So, knowing my struggles, I said yes. I said yes to help combat a vanity that has no place near the realm of giving from the heart. And I said yes because this experiment isn’t only about me and my (hopeful) personal transformation. It’s about sharing with others and hoping they might somehow be a little transformed, too…

Matt came by and zoomed two cameras my way. I cuddled into a chair and started to talk. He asked question after question and I settled into speaking and sharing, aware of my nerves, enjoying my enthusiasm, and especially pleased with how the light was streaming through the front window, comforting me…

And then we baked. We spent the entire day together–cameras clicking, adjusting lenses and rolling out dough, shifting piles of junk around so they weren’t in the frame, revealing more and more of the story and the process of baking bread.

And here’s the result!




This is Matt’s work, Matt’s idea, and we’ll see what sort of journey this video embarks upon. I’ll be telling you a bit more about Matt Roberts, too, in a future post, but for now, it’s back to baking, folks!



14 thoughts on “On Camera

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  2. Oh Jane! I just love it! You are an inspiration.
    I wish I could learn from you just like your sister in laws…..maybe one day! Keep it up! Love the movie….
    Kh. T

  3. beautiful video!! I think you looked lovely! and i loved watching your hands as they worked. I was inspired to go bake some bread. Alas, today is my sons birthday party and I will be making banana splits instead of bread. But perhaps tomorrow?

  4. Simply. wonderful. Made me want to climb into the video and join you in your warm kitchen!

    I should come and spend a day with you! There are several challenges that have made me pretty much give up on baking my own bread…

    Do you have any tips for achieving that beautiful, smooth, elastic state you get with your dough? It’s been such a frustration for me (I think I must either add too much flour, not enough, or don’t have the kneading process quite down). I also have trouble getting my dough to rise!

    And cleanup tips: I never quite know what to do with the sticky, doughy, leftover mess in the bowl and on my hands and kitchen sponge! It can get like cement, or be as gummy as Elmer’s glue! Help! 😉

    • Wendy, let’s plan a date for you to visit! It sounds as though I should write about five posts based on your questions–getting the right water/flour ratio; how long to knead; yeast that works; cleaning up! That’s only four. Easy-peasy.

      Posts or no posts, it’s always more fun to teach in person. Plus we can talk books and have tea 🙂

  5. What a very lovely video of your bread experiment. I began thinking about the parables that we introduce to the young ones in the Atrium. After reading the scripture (one of is about the woman who makes bread with yeast and flour), we marvel that THIS is what Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is like. It is something we could all ponder for the rest of our lives…I’m sure you have some insights from all of your bread making meditations you could share…I’d love to hear them. xoxo

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