— flab·ber·gas-ted

affected with sudden and great wonder or surprise; adj.

I just love that word, flabbergasted. The person who made up that word must have been such a character! Just bump it around in your mouth… flabbergasted!

Anywho. I baked up some delicious whole grain sourdough rye last week… during a long business call. The oven would ding, and I’d make sure the callers didn’t need my input. I’d RACE, high speed into the kitchen, twenty miles an hour at least, and tug open that oven door and do what was needed. IN goes the bread, OFF come the pot lids, OUT comes the bread. That phone call just kept going on and on, and I’d say I was productive both on and off the phone!

hee hee

The bread done, and chores needing tending to, I spied my husband out front and brought him that extra loaf of gorgeous bread. Give it away, will you?  He was watering the kale and the favas. I put the bread in a red paper gift bag on the front porch. We just missed the old man with the chihuahua, he relayed back. I shrugged. My husband was a doer and he’d find a good home for that loaf of rye.

From the new bunnies (gotta show you some pictures but my poor —lousy— I’m-calling-it-names-camera is ailing), to the bills, to the dishes, to the Christmas cards (which I just started writing!), I forgot all about the bread giving. But later in the evening I got the story.

Tom, one of our favorite neighbors that we only see now and again, came a walkin’ by, and my husband asked him if he ate bread. (That seems to be my new first question, since so many in our parts are trying to do without wheat.) Tom said yes, and so the bread was snagged from the porch, presented to Tom, and that’s when the word flabbergasted seems to have been uttered. Flabbergasted. Tom was flabbergasted that we would give him a loaf of beautiful bread.

And I’m flabbergasted that we don’t give beautiful bread to one another more often! We should. Why not share in these small ways, with one another, with the folks we know just a little, but could know a little bit more.

Because without today’s giving, the word flabbergasted never would have been uttered. And that would be a shame, I believe.

Cheers to you all!

3 thoughts on “Flab.ber.gas.ted

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  2. Oh, I really want to see the bunnies!!! Are they pets? Food?
    So wonderful! I’m going to bake some loaves of bread to share. One of our friends is without a job right now and trying to make ends meet.
    P.S. Sounded a bit like you wanted to KEEP that beautiful loaf?

    • When I find myself a new camera, there will be photos of the bunnies. Merlin and Morgan, a brother and sister who were adopted from the pet shelter for company and fun.

      I’m so glad you will be giving to your friend who is struggling! Yay!!

      And I didn’t want to keep that beautiful loaf of rye, because we had our very own twin of that loaf cooling on our counter, which we ate that night. (We did give the prettier one away, though–I only give the uglier one away if I’m in a terribly, horribly, no-good mood, which only happens on the third Thursday of August, under a quarter moon, in the year of the dog.) 🙂

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