Hang In There Bread

I spotted my priest, Father Nicholas, spooning strawberry jam onto a store bought white thing that resembled bread. That was midday Monday. That was his lunch…

It’s Wednesday and I’ve been thinking about that moment ever since. When I realized I’d have a few hours to bake today, I knew who needed a fresh ring of rosemary rolls, and a jar of homemade kumquat marmalade (so good!). He’s an incredible faster, that man, but I don’t want him to tumble from the altar with so many services left to go!

[Be Gone–you old, preservative-filled white bread, kept in the church refrigerator!]

Rosemary rolls, and kumquat marmalade–to be handed over after unction tonight.


It’s Holy Week for us Orthodox–blessings to all of you who are in the midst of this beauty.

For those in Fort Collins, our old home town, digging out from the snow storm–I send you good wishes for an AMAZING summer (in which all of your vegetables grow enormous and every day brings sun and respite).

And to the rest of you lovely folk, near and far–Cheers and happy baking and giving!


6 thoughts on “Hang In There Bread

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  2. What a gift for the loving priest! Have a blessed Holy Week. Just checking in to see what you have been baking lately. Today we’ll put some whole wheat/spelt & kamut flour to soak and tomorrow we’ll make mini hot cross buns for after Holy Sat liturgy. We use the Latia bread recipe and cut the crosses and make some almond milk and margarine frosting. So good! -Anna in Alaska

    • Anna, I’ve been making loaves and loaves of molasses bread this lent. For the homeless ministry, for friends who are pregnant, for church potlucks, and for our home. I’ve also had a lot of fun, and success, with hand kneading and baking beautiful loaves of simple sourdough–they take 20 hours to complete, and it’s such a wonderful journey to see the yeast slowly do its thing. Lots of prosphora baking, too. Which reminds me! Need to make some tomorrow…

      Now, butter! To be honest, I don’t like a lot of the traditional sweet breads that are baked for Pascha, but I always make scones to share at our after Pascha feast, and this year I’ll make some braided sweet anise bread, too. During Bright week I’ll be baking cinnamon rolls, and sending some of those up to my son in Seattle, who loves them and is a tad bit homesick.

      Would you share the Latia bread recipe?

      • Jane, I decided to post the recipe yesterday. It’s the first thing you will see on my blog. I still don’t think there’s quite enough salt, I want to test it again and get that right, but it’s a nice basic recipe and what bread doesn’t taste good with sugar or frosting on top? Christ is Risen!

  3. Mmm…yum! Our rosemary didn’t fare too well this year, I may have to buy another one. I ♥ fresh rosemary in homemade bread. I made kulich this week, with golden raisins. I hope you have a lovely Pascha!!!

    • Must be the blessings of the Paschal season…my rosemary is making a comeback!!! I’m sure your priest appreciated this kind homemade gift. I enjoy reading what you’re sharing, it inspires me to GIVE. Thank you.

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