My husband and I jetted to Paris for three days this last week. What a treat!

Three days isn’t long enough for much, not for visiting museums or long boat rides on the Seine, but it’s plenty long enough for several wonderful meals celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, a stroll or two across the Pont Neuf, at least one chaussons aux pommes in the morning, and a dinner with a niece. Plus,

The Wedding!

Family friends have a beautiful daughter who has been living in Paris for several years now. She found Gabriel, and now they’re married! They celebrated their vows at a church I’ve longed to see for many years, the Saint Serge Orthodox Institute.

I was delighted at the sight of the Chateau Champlatreux–the setting for the reception. What a lovely venue… and as we walked through the front door, there was the traditional Slavic custom of bread and salt offered on an embroidered cloth, signifying the gift of hospitality and friendship and the blessing of a new home.

Three days. Three days of Paris! Three days to celebrate our own 25-year journey and the blessing of a brand new union…

IMG_4238 IMG_4243 IMG_4245 IMG_4255 IMG_4258 IMG_4269


8 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Oh my Jane! Thank you for sharing your special time with us. Many more! What a beautiful church. I love the bread with salt……I might do that sometime. Avoir!

  2. Congratulations on 25 years! What a lovely place to celebrate. Too bad it couldn’t have been a longer stay. The bread reminds me of YOU! How special. Did you get to eat it or just see it?

    • The bread was symbolic, and placed at the front door at the reception. I wasn’t there when the bride and groom walked in; we arrived first and were off touring the immense grounds, but I’m assuming they both stopped there at the door, each tore off a chunk of bread, dipped it in the salt and ate it. A lovely tradition…

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your story. Very lovely. I’ve read about that church before and have always wanted to see it. Was the reception at that lovely Napoleonic historic building part of the church grounds or elsewhere? Happy anniversary. 3 days was much too short. Perhaps my husband will take me to Paris for our 25th anniversary.

    • Yes, I’ve always wanted to visit the church, too! So many great people have studied there, and brought their good work to the States. The reception was not in Paris where the church is located, but north of the city, in an old chateau, still inhabited by a baron šŸ™‚

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