Because I Fainted in the School Cafeteria…

So, it’s a 95 degree day.

And you are really an Arctic dweller in disguise, living in Southern California.

And you’ve been known to faint.

And the latex gloves just feel so hot! And the Sweet Potato fries that you’re serving to fourth graders are even hotter!

Fast forward to the nurse’s office, and there I am, stretched out with a bag of ice on my head and a fifth grader on the other cot with a toothache. That was after Scene Number Two. And The Wheelchair.

Ha! It all passed, and I was humiliated, and the Meyers, new to the school, are now even more infamous than that first day when I caused Scene Number One.

Cookies to the rescue. I baked up some salted butter hearts, and wrapped them with ridiculous notes of how I’d be volunteering in the school library from now on, thank you!


And delivered three bundles.

One, to Josie The Nurse, who did the wheeling. Two, to Chef Laurel, who didn’t need my kind of volunteer in her kitchen. And three, to the Asst Principal who was there with her Walkie Talkie when I told her I wanted to lay down on the cafeteria floor and disappear.

One of my favorite givings of the year. Unplanned, but kinda needed.

Cheers, friends!