At this point in my life, after having worn a variety of unrelated hats (restaurant manager, draftsperson, gymnastics coach, traveling baker), I’m mostly just a mom, trying to raise my kids to be loving and compassionate people. I’m an Orthodox Christian–a baker’s daughter who bakes, and an avid children’s book lover, writer, and editor… I thrive on adventure, and travel, but I love being homey. Aren’t we all made up of so many odd contradictions?

This blog is a bit about so many things rolled into one. My cozy home life has taken over a bit, and while I don’t want to upset the balance of raising my kids by running off to Zimbabwe, or to darkest Peru, I’m seeking to stretch my wings a bit and reach those in my community one loaf of bread at a time. I believe in love, even if it’s love in the shape of a hot boule or loaf of struan, so this blog is an adventure in its own way–an adventure in giving to others as I try to strip away the many thick layers that have developed over the years, giving me a sometimes very selfish skin.

So, my goal is to always bake twice what we need, and find a way to give that second half to someone outside my walls. Sometimes that giving is hard–sometimes I have to wait on the curb and hope for a passerby, sometimes I have to walk to the neighboring park and wake up someone sleeping on a park bench, but most often there seems to be a Law of Giving that points me in just the right direction–to that home, that table, that was just hoping for a loaf of homemade bread… Join me on this adventure. And hopefully you’ll be inspired to give in a small way, too…

But gotta go for now! There’s bread on the rise…


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jane,

    My name is Amanda Wallace, and I work for Shirley J, a cooking company in Utah. We’ve got a Dough Enhancer I’d love to send for your sampling and review, so if that seems of interest to you, please shoot me an email so I can send you some additional information!

    Thanks, and thank you for your inspiring blog and the foundation to it.

    Amanda Wallace

  2. Found you while looking up wheat weaving projects for a possible addition to a self sustaining community building makers project I am helping manifest. I totally love what I read so far….bake two, give away one is exactly the spirit of the pine river share here in bayfield colorado. My passion is to create from nature, gleaning what nature gives, then ‘adding value’ with an artist’s touch and sharing the end project with others, a celebration of nature’s bounty, the artist the creator has endowed in all of us, and then gifting others. The pine river share is designed to tend to the needs of all the folks in the pine river watershed. They have spent their first year feeding folks, hosting a monthly community potluck, bringing fresh local food awareness into the preschools here, supporting parents and teens in their daily struggles, etc. now they are wanting to go further and work towards ending poverty . A community building full of art and crafts supplies where folks can come and create marketable products and or share their’old timely’ skills is their latest project and I have moved here to assist in that. Yesterday as I was walking home I started noticing all the amazing wild grasses and thought wheat weaving would be a perfect fit. And I found you!just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to share. I love your story of Saint Brigand and her weaving , also the cross itself. Inspiring indeed you are! Thank you also for devoting your time to raising good folks….the greatest endeavor we can do for this planet and the future of the people is to take the time to truly love the young ones and teach them respect and love for all of creation. Thanks! Sincerely, Patrice

    • Patrice, thank you for sharing some of your life works and hopes here. What an inspiration, to hear of people being thoughtful and intentional as to how they spend their energy, their time, and their talents… I pray your wheat weaving efforts are fruitful! Working with the hands has so many rewards.

      Your message came through right in the middle of a big baking spree. I’m still mixing up dough and sharing, though I’m not actively blogging about it at the moment.

      Sending you all the best. And a special hello to Colorado and all its beauty. I lived there long ago…

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